Monday, July 09, 2018

Thank you followers!

Bloglovin' has just notified me that I have just reached 10 followers through them. Thanks everyone!

I don't play much games lately and my backlog is exponentially growing. At the moment I am struggling to achieve the following:

1) Pipe Dream by LucasArts (1991) for Windows 3.1x
Clear Level 37. I am currently trying to clear Level 35.

2) Final Fantasy VII by Square (1997) for PlayStation
Complete game. I have recently started this game on Steam.

3) Castlevania: Symphony of the Night by Konami (1997) for Playstation
Complete Game. I have yet to start this on our PS2.

4) Um Jammer Lammy by NanaOn-Sha (1999) for Playstation
Complete game. I've yet to clear the first song.

5) Front Mission 3 by Square (1999) for Playstation
Complete Game. Emma story finished and started on Alisa.

I can post more games from my backlogs list if you'd like. Just leave a comment!