Saturday, December 25, 2004

My Scene

As soon as I saw it I had this crazy idea to either cosplay it on the next toy con or buy one and dress it up as a Jac Strip doll ROFL ;D

I dub thee PHOTOBLOG...

Hello! I'm trying out to see if I could showcase my pussycam victims in this blog ;)

Komikero November 2004

Komikeros plus hiding Komikeras

Komikeras still trying to hide behind the plants

With Johnny in his 'kikay pose'

Johnny...(ahem) massaging himself(?)

Um, I wouldn't do that...

owner of the bolita... er, beads

Sampaloc Lake up close

Komikero candid shot

candid shot din sana but...

payong against the rain

Gerry and his girls ;)

Jerald! What are you doing to poor Rod?!?

Aba Rod, nasarapan ka naman ata...

camera showdown! (with Henry)