Monday, March 31, 2003

I’ve been trying to send my brochure jpegs repeatedly yesterday. I think the files may truly be corrupted, for my net doesn’t usually give me such a hard time.

I really should start asking around about a CD writer/burner (what’s the difference?). What specs should I be looking for? If any of you guys out there could help me just email me at ok?

Now, I’ll go see what I can do to fix that darn brochure…
pics from march 30 meet!!! here they are!

just go to "laguna artists march meet" :) entry # 56!

it was fun, guys! glad to see you all there! the spooky stories are fun. and it's ok, ate ilyn :) i'm a scaredy kuting myself!

can't wait for more!!!! woooooo!!!! >OoO<

Sunday, March 30, 2003

and here are the strips. i haven't gone around to formatting them yet...

oh, i haven't postd my darnas here yet? ok... provided links to my webcomics!!! wheeee! check it out!

Sunday, March 16, 2003

MY PC IS CURED!!! ...sort of.

Jonas came over to my house (finally! i captured a pc doctor!) and after a few hours of tinkering with my pc, it actually scanned without a hitch! the printer still won't work, though, but kuya gerry was right about his suspicions about the printer running out of ink. All in all, we happily declared that i can manage without the dreaded reformat for a while! whee! ^_^

Dr. Jonas' final SCIENTIFIC diagnosis is that the pc is a girl. It's why daw the scanner works perfectly when operated by guys.

that slut ;)

seriously though, he just said that i should scan "the manly way" by opening the scanner menu through another program, like Photoshop or something.

Anyway, I suggested to name the scanner "Jona", since it's obviously 'his bitch'.

He suggested "Joan" :)

Anyway, i can finally scan independently! so here they are!

and this is the sith i designed a few months ago. I remembered her when i joined this create-your-jedi contest.

i finished this while on a hangover from the Sci-Fi Con :)

Friday, March 14, 2003

Tuesday, March 11

I answered my cellphone and found Jonas on the other end of the line. He told me he recommended me to Haribon as Layout Artist, and wants me to go there tomorrow and show 'em my stuff. I went through my stuff and found I had only two layout samples that survived my past careers. I stayed up until midnight updating my resume, make new layout samples (which I fear to be too simple) and sent them thru the net to Jonas, as well as saving them all on disk. I had my outfit and bag ready with my portfolio, and slept.

Wednesday, March 12

Mom woke me up a few minutes before my 4:30 alarm. I got ready as fast as I can and got on a crossing-calamba jeep outside my gate. Eep! I reached olivares 6:30! Sowy jonas T_T! Thank goodness for flexitime! We got on a Cubao bus and got off somewhere to get on another bus to city hall. From there we walked around to the back to Haribon Office. The place looks pretty nice. We went off to have breakfast first, his treat I had fish with tomatoes and toyomansi :9 And green apple mirinda.

It took a while because they really wanted Jonas to handle the projects personally, but he’s really good at convincing people ;) then he found he had to lug a leyte chair home so he sent me on a jeep to the nearest MRT station. From there I went to comfort zone to wait with ariel for az to go to the sci-fi con. I finished the small version of hot copy while waiting. Az hailed a taxi for us all to ride to amorsolo. Kuya Gerry!!! And I was happy to see Tintin again, who intro’ed me to Carla and Marie. We all went to Mcdo.

There we ate, talked anime, and designed a jedi knight. Or at least tried to. We were all goofing off managing it, but we definitely had fun. At first we argued whose koibito chichiri is, until I remembered that I still have my hotohori pic in my organizer. I doodled Marie with her dewberry-koi, Tintin with her chichiri plushie, and Carla beating Rukawa in a slamdunk. We stayed there so long I reminded them to go back there, 10-minute walk and all. Tintin said she’ll catch up. Man, did she! The girl can run! J

Whee! The place is pretty small, and i didn't expect it to be outdoors (good thing it didn't rain), but the booths are so much fun!

There's karen's tarot card reading(i wish it were only P50 tho, it's all i could afford! ahehehe!).

The hogwarts "enrollment booth" even give you a wand and some candies! it's very well made, with the kids in mind when it was conceptualized. (the li'l harry potter look-alike is so adorable!!! Kawaii ne!!!) Soon I was surrounded by 3 wand-wielding witches.

The Star wars booth have a lot of eye-candy goodies as well. that R2D2 was just begging to be taken home! heheheh!

X-files booth is undisputedly the best! that chalk outline was really funny, especially when az and others lie down in it for photo opportunities. Poor daddy az, victim of Sadako! It's currently being investigated by FBI special agents Tintin, Carla and Marie.

I saw a cute arwen cosplayer at the tolkien booth! And that guy in the elven cloak is really nice. I ogled at a LOTR RP card with my favorite elf’s pic in it. Legolas is SO my daddy!!!

At the PinoySlayers booth (I hope it doesn’t mean they slay pinoys ;) they give out wooden stakes to (literally?) kick-ass buffy trainees. I was more glad than surprised when I saw Cathy (remember Pakunoda?) with the wooden stake. She said she plans to cosplay as Faye Valentine next time. Watch out for it, otakus J

And Trekkies! The people there are so nice! Especially that guy in the blue star trek uniform. Brash Young Cinema is doing a great job giving the trekkies what they want. And more.

I met a lot cool people, I enjoyed talking photoshop and rendering techniques with the blitzworkx guys roy and the others. They even introduced me to their president Emman. Good thing I brought my portfolio for the Haribon. It sure made its round all over the scifi con! And I loved looking at the awesome artworks of all the other artists I met there. I was practically bouncing with joy when carlo vergara drew a sketch for me and ryan signed my copy of darna. I even met paolo of Jawbreaker!

I'm not as big a sci-fi fan as i used to be, but i had so much fun it was the most kick-ass convention i've ever been in! ^_^ whee!

Saturday, March 01, 2003

Thursday, February 27

I was in the tindahan, almost done making the sign for our fastfood's siete-tres/P10 halo-halo promo when beho passed by and told me of a concert they're organizing for march 1 at the sampaloc park. he told me that he needs my help with something and said he'll call me tonight for more details. after he rushed to his sakayan in goldilocks i went home with my bro and people in a tricycle.

tonight, 10pm

i was done with the sign, and was quite satisfied. then the baby woke up so i had to carry him to rock him back to sleep. later beho called to tell me he needed my help with painting the backdrop for the march 1 concert. i agreed to meet him 3pm tomorrow. i asked what to bring. brushes daw. after that i went back to sleep, after reading a text from azrael asking me if i'm going to the darna launch tomorrow night. thinking how little my chances are of being allowed to go to manila without my own job (hence no own money), i found some way to let him know i couldn't make it.

Friday, February 28

i went with my mom and sis out to bayan. the baby's supposed to come with us but he got tired waiting (literally?) so he fell asleep. we left him with lola, then called one of our people to come home and watch him. i checked the store, put up the sign, then left early, hoping to fix my reputation of being usually late. i got there early, but it turns out he's late. no load, i had to borrow some guy's cell to text him that i'm already there, only to receive a reply that he's gonna be late and the time's moved to 4pm. i decided to drop by on some of my friends living nearby to pass the time until it's four. they all reacted upon knowing how i ended up there and told me to be intentionally late, just to get back at him :) hahah!

4pm i went back. seeing more people there, i was hoping i'd see someone i'd at least know. after waiting until 4:40, i was positively annoyed, i stalked off to my tindahan. the walk from farmer's to m. paulino only slightly took the edge of my mood, but i tried to cool myself as i called his house and heard that he already left. i finally decided to buy a load and call him to decide if i should just ditch everything and go home. before i could load though i got a text saying he's there already.

i decided to walk some more on the way back so i could be just calm enough not to kick his late ass. i was a few blocks away when i notice all the people in farmer's are looking my way... "cripes, what'd he tell 'em now?"

a kid in a red cap came over to me and said that beho had been there and will be back soon. i just raised my brows as i noted that all the people are still staring at me. to take my mind off them i took out my portfolios to show the kid. soon others are looking over his shoulders to peek. that way i surreptitiously differentiated who knows beho and who don't, and struck up a conversation with those who do, until beho comes along (finally).

he apologised like he should. but then i guess he should've apologised some more 'cause he never told me anything about an all-nighter painting in his place. when i got to his place i made a call home to ask permission to spend the night. i made sure beho would take me back to bayan if ma won't let me. i was never allowed to spend the night anywhere in san pablo all my life, unless it's with my cousins. so mom's definitely pissed. but i convinced her when i truthfully told her there are three girls in the house and that there are five of us working. and that it's too dark for me to go back out of the house to go home.

mom made all these embarassing habilins like " watch yourself, i don't want my daughter acting like a boy again!" and "and for god's sake, eat slowly! like a lady!" among other things. they laughed when i told them about it, but they were also happy i could stay. his mom is as sweet as she is on the phone. she kept apologising for having to serve leftovers, but the turbo chicken wasn't bad at all. i even asked her how she made her personal twist with it, since it's also one of my mom's many specialties. they lent me slippers and clothes. the place was crawling with dogs, and they're very playful and makulit, always walking all over the cloth as if they want a piece of the action, too.

starting off on the project is always the hardest, and painfully-slowest part. we finally agreed to work on the bigger of the two first, hoping the feeling of accomplishing that would prompt us to make the other one. the bigger canvas is a stylized dove painting. i was hesitant to admit that i didn't know it was a peace dove, until another commented the same. we all laughed as we realize the first we had to do make the dove more obvious. fortunately, the people we work with are all great artists, and i'm impressed with their input… as soon as they loosened up enough to talk.

it was fun, eating popcorn, talking with the guys, and i met his bro ebong, he's cool to talk with. we all exchanged stories all night so i rarely felt sleepy. when i did i asked if i should sleep or eat to stay awake. beho gave me a mango fruit, and i gave him the seed part(too messy to eat). they also sang all kind of ads they hear during the soaps. i'm still suffering from LSS with the enervon-C plus jingle still singing in my head " vitamin c, ay narito na, pero mahina at nag-iisa. mabuti na lang, may enervon-c plus..." aaaaargh! well, at least it's not as bad as ebong's "thousand miles" by vanessa carlton. he's humming the freaking tune all freaking night.

Saturday, March 1, 12am

the font for "No Blood for Oil" was great, psychedelic as we wanna be. and we added swirls on the background and the gradients really made everything alive. it was fun working with this team, fast and efficient. we were done by 2am. i expected maybe 4am or so. but we were still tired we decided to forget about the second painting. and when we peeled the cloth off the pavement we found paint seeped through and left a similar painting there. we wouldn't step on it as we hanged the cloth to dry! i helped wash the paint off the brushes... mostly because they're mine! ahehehehe! no, i also washed the other stuff :) really. we all slept at 2:30am.

i woke up 6:30. my calculations are correct. my minimum sleep time is 4 hours. i can sleep for only an hour, but i have to set an alarm for it. if i stayed up like that for three nights tho the fire bell itself can't wake me for four hours. beho was already up. it was damn chilly! ebong was loudly ranting about how cold the morning was, but i'm not sure if all his loud tirade was for a positive or not. i went down to join ebong for coffee, then went to the service area to check out the beeeee-yutiful pavement we accidentally painted. i was glad their mom could see it too. they served breakfast of instant noodles in which they added eggs. we were all so hungry we quickly ate it all, along with some pan de sal. i tried the tuna spread beho made and liked it. but then again, i always liked tuna (meow!).

i asked them if they could help me reformat my pc. they said they could. i wouldn't hope for it too much though 'cause i know how busy they always are. i later got dressed so jopet and i can leave for bayan. beho walked with us to the sakayan. jop got off at farconville then i made my way home. i played with mikko as soon as i got home, then plopped on the bed by nine and slept til one to eat lunch. then i finally took off my clothes from yesterday to take a shower and get ready to go to the 3pm concert. i got there late, because i was hoping to sell drawings and bought materials, but they were still doing sound-checks until 4pm.

it finally started at five. so few people turned up. but beho and his band made the opening act. i've been making doodles since i got there, and soon met beho's girlfriend again che, with her friend rhia. rhia's bf played with the opening act using his um... whaddyacall that long trumpet thingie usually used in ska? anyway he carries it in this big leather case that reminded me of a scene in Godfather, heheheh! rhia liked my drawings so much and laughed at my two-dimensional antics i found my zone to start drawing again. i haven't drawn for so long because i could never be satisfied with my work anymore. but when i saw people laugh at my doodles again, after a long time, i learned that they don't have to look like Pol Medina Jr.'s to be worth drawing. and i was drawing up a storm, rhia sometimes points out funny scenes at the concert for me to draw, and i added on it with some funny ideas that pop up in my head.

by the time we left for home i filled up 2 pages of my sketchbook, both of which i handed over to beho to scan. i hope he emails them to me. yary-chan(rhia) suggested we stop over at jollibee. a joke broke out about someone making libre. after much debating between beho and rhia on who will do it, they finally agreed to split the bill between them. we all ate in a row as i finished the second page for beho to scan.

after that che and yary asked me to ride the calauan jeep with them, their tab. when the driver told me that i have to pay double because i should be in a wawa jeep, the two girls convinced me to stay by paying the extra as well. as we waited in the jeep yary's phone rang with her koibitos! she told me earlier that she's been going to and from japan and picked up a few suitors along the way. we all giggled as one jealous bishounen even insisted to talk with us to prove she's not with another guy. yary was greatly amused when i mouthed off a few japanese phrases i learned from watching too much anime, then i got off at my stop. it was a fun night.