Friday, August 30, 2002

sigh. still no reply from the game designer. i hope i didn't scare him away...?

started redrawing an entire 20"x30" ink sheet. sir garry taught me to draft properly. as well as shortcuts for newbies. hope it works :)

oh, i see my post yesterday wasn't published. y'see, the pcshop experienced connection problems. i checked for the gamer's email yesterday, too.

the only reason i made myself check my email everyday is that i was hoping his reply would come. i guess he could call me, but the reply i was asking for is something i'd like to read and think over. hopefully he'd call when he replies, so i can check it then. i don't think i can afford to get online everyday any longer.

maybe i shouldn't worry :) maybe they're just taking the time to think it over themselves. i really hope this pushes through. i look forward to working on it.

i'm happy 'cause my friend's coming from manila(3hrs away) to visit my nephew. he was chosen godfather by my sister 'cause they got to be friends, too, i guess. i'm happy. it's been awhile since i last saw him.

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

(Squeals and cartwheels and jumps for joy) EEEEEP!!!! They called me! Long distance! overseas! the people from soulcollector called me up!!!

my mom woke me up at eleven monday night. i was still half asleep when i heard the game designer's voice in my ear. bythe time it sank down on me i was so overwhelmed all i could do was giggle like an silly kid, he wondered if i thought i was joking or something. i still couldn't believe it that they really were inviting me to commit to the project... longterm! wow... my first overseas gig and they want it longterm :)))

he asked me what i 'wanted out of it'. i had no idea what he was talking about. experience? acknowledgement? ummm ok... compensation. yeah, that sounds right, i guess. money. and car. and stock options. and a condo. and green card? hahahahaha! of course, i know i'm going overboard! i really have no idea about this. it's the first time i got a job by the net. i'm emailing him now asking all about this. i hope his reply would be helpful and informative :)

and he sounded so nice! he even said he's really serious about lending me his books! you see, we found in our email exchanges that we share a love for reading and good literature.

i'm really glad that he's being patient with my naivete. he's very clear and honest on telling me the situations that we're gonna face once we start working. i can hardly wait! :D

Monday, August 26, 2002

arrgh! darnit! i tried to send artworks to the soulcollections people last saturday but the attachments just won't work! turns out that the jpeg files have to be 72 dpi (kuya gerry told me just now :) 'can't stay long for now... maybe better luck next time! bye!

Saturday, August 24, 2002

woo-hoo! I'm finally done with the friggin' fence! i have since drafted an 18-meter diameter fountain (AND designed my own, too!) and plans of a two-storey house. he also got me to design a t-shirt for kids when he found out my artist backgroud by reading my resume. i also told my architect boss that kuya gerry is helping me land a gig as an artist thru the internet for the guys who made "soul collections". i like the story. the concept is original and the characters are interesting. i would like to know more about them, findind their backstories a delightful read. right now i'm crossing my fingers that they like my work! :)

anyway, my boss is glad for me too, and wishes me luck. I'm pretty happy that i'm actually working(sort of) without having to live in a boarding house or anything like that. i get to go home to my family EVERYday and i don't have to buy my food all the time. i can cook whenever i want to! and i don't have to scrimp on my paycheck :D

and the office totally rocks! it's airconditioned, and i have my OWN stereo, tv AND fridge! whee!!! i can stock up on all the chocolates and food and juice and... more food!!! :9 i can finally listen to all my cd's and tapes however loud i want, from hip-hop to heavy metal, and i can really draw in peace. it's so enjoyable working alone!

of course, it's also great when sir gary(my boss architect) is around because i can ask him all sorts of questions regarding architecture and drafting. I love learning! and he's very helpful, though he sometimes laughs at my antics. he said he finds it amusing.

Saturday, August 17, 2002

And today is my second day of work. It's gonna take a lot of getting used to, but I ghope I get the hang of things pretty soon. I can't help feeling frustrated with my speed in drafting, though. I'm still working on the architecturals of a friggin' fence! sheesh, i haven't even been able to start on the fountain yet. It's just that I couldn't figure out exactly what my boss wants, and he has to be away most of the time so i could only guess. when he gets back and we find i guessed wrong, i start over.

so i guess that explains it :p but other than that I quite enjoy it. like i said. i enjoy drawing. i just feel guilty when i feel i don't draw fast enough. there's so many things i want to draw, but i had to keep redoing the first drawings... oh well :) I'm just glad I'm finally training.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

yahoo! it turns out an architect right here in the small town i live has been looking for me 'cause he wants to train me as an architect's apprentice! goodbye bumsville!!! I start training friday. wish me luck! hehehe!

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Just had my ref pics printed out, not without help from Kuya Gerry. Whee! He even lent me this big comicbook called 'The Essential Wolverine' or something. Yep, plenty to do for me, now that I'm jobless.

...What? I didn't tell you? Oh.

Well, let's just say I've worked beyond my contract. According to that magical piece of paper, I'm supposed to work in the company until June 15, this year. For some reason they asked me to stay beyond that date. So I did. Then at the end of July, I packed up and left. You see, there's STILL no sign of a NEW contract. So I don't really have any reason to stay anyway.

So here I am, back in my hometown Laguna. Um, more like home province. Anyway, I've been looking for new jobs eversince. I'm quite looking forward to my future, uncertain as it may be for now. I always view my life as an adventure. So I just do my best and face whatever comes my way in the best way possible.