Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Adelina GET!!!

I've been levelling up my La Coronas (my Brunie 'Joy', scout 'Beany' and male wiz 'Abelard') with Shin boosting me(until he has to go sleep ^^) when Erv offered to help me get the Adelina RNPC card :D Using the Brunie I got from Shin I went with his party Helina et al to Porto Bello and completed the quest (I find it yurilicious how I wouldn't have been able to get the card without Brunie)! I quickly replaced the male wiz with Adelina and proceeded with her story. I am pleased to find her story to be of vengeance. I took screenshot of her convo with Capt Ricardo, and improvised a few of my own...

Capt. Ricardo: "I told you I do not know where Bardi is! I only know he's here in Coimbra..."

Adelina: "Aye, me bonny lass, ye can put yer knife down now."

... Having my yuri harem for henchies = WIN!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

my Victorian Valentine Pics

I got in to the Victorian Valentine thanks to Ranulf ^^ I'm supposed to perform a sword demo with him but I never got enough practice so I had to beg him to perform it with someone else.

Thankfully Sam got off early from his fashion show and joined us! He performed the sword demo with Ranulf and someone else(will update when I learn who).

I got the first two from Sam :) I'll upload more as I find them ^^ I cosplayed as Adelina Esperanza from Granado Espada.

I got there thanks to Joy (cosplaying as Brunie Etienne) and Dandan (cosplaying as Jean-Pierre) picking me up from Miker's place.

I was editing the movie there with Miker but sadly we didn't finish the revisions in time :( and Miker didn't join us to visit his family.

Victorian Valentine was a blast! I saw the most gorgeous people in the most gorgeous costumes I'm still squeeing the morning after :3

And us GE cosplayers had a wonderful time in the GE E-games booth, which we dubbed The Barracks.

And yes! We had yuri raep tiemz!!! Mon cheri Brunie and Bernelli harassed my dear Nikki it was delightful XD I'm so glad she agreed to join our GE cosplay photoshoot as Catherine the Summoner with our beautiful GE ladies Bea and Presea(in her delicious Elementalist outfit).

And I won as Baroness of the Ball while Shin won as Baron (I just love how all the men looked so dashing!). We duelled over the prizes after, and I am enjoying my spoils: my GE t-shirt hehehe!

I can't wait to add more pictures! :3

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

TXT Scam of the day XD

Pres:GMA&PHILS CHARITY Foundt'n GrandAnniversary UrWON PhP/480.00000 DTI-NCR#0380 Series2008 4DTAILS CallmeNow!(Atty.DIOSDADO R. CERVANTEZ)


O, call him now daw XD lolz!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Laptop GET!

I got my Blue Radon W310 from my friend Ranulf, who is planning to go back to his first love and buy a Macbook XD

Here's to more rakets ^_^ squee! I am very thankful how I'm slowly getting the items in my wishlist, by my own professional perseverance, no less, and of course, God's grace.

Ranulf bought this laptop less than six months ago, so when he offered it as payment for the gigs he's been sending my way, I thought it's a good deal :)

I'm still feeling my way around :D Since it's my first time owning a laptop and all. I'll be installing Photoshop so I can work wherever I am: be it in my dorm, in San Pablo, or in Antarctica XD Getting a laptop has been justified by my (reluctantly) nomadic nature.

It's been getting more and more difficult having to dig up PSD files and whatnot from different desktops in my different locations. I've been on the move ever since I started college. I've been so busy and hardly stay in one place long enough that I still couldn't finish any games I've installed in my desktop (which I also happily bought less than a year ago ^^).

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

congratulations Claudia!

Architect Board Examination Results 2008

Yaaaaaaaaay! My classmate passed the board exams! Congraaaaaats! XD

You're a lady architect nao! ^^

Sunday, February 03, 2008


Please watch it at this link ^^ and kindly leave comments, thank you!

A movie critic thread is opened by our competitor in this link. You are welcome to leave your own comments after you have registered.

Title: Anhela La Venganza

Director: Rivermiker / Miker
Production Assistant: Gatoblaca / Jac
Game Consultant: Azarthras / Erving


Female Musketeer: Joy Bordador
Male Scout: Dan Ilano
Male Fighter: Oneal Rosero
Brunie Etienne: Jac Ting Lim
Male Wizard: Ron Rosero
Female Scout: Jac Ting Lim
Male Musketeer: Paul Catiang