Monday, September 30, 2002


went to abc driving school to compare prices with technical school. not much difference. AND i get one-one training. AND my own training car. i have to present the whole cash up front, though.

oops, my card ran out! just went to church and had pics developed. ran short of cash though so i sent someone to get it for me instead.

i finished reading all the comics i borrowed. bored! draw. two new strips, another new concept i'm trying to yank outta lucien's library.

Lucien is a character in neil gaiman's 'sandman'. he is the librarian of a VAST collection of books that are never written, only thought about or dreamt about. y'know, those stories you have in your head all these years, but never got around to write? I'm sure Lucien's holding a lot of my comicbooks in there by now. been writing them since i was in grade school. only in my mind though. sigh.


woke up when i'm told i have a phone call... gonna meet with kuya gerry.

minded the store. kuya gerry came. showed him my latest doodles. he lent me another batch of comicbooks! whee! lent him my drawing journal, and gave him a comicpage. he bought a new netcard for me, and we paid him for him :) so i'm back online!

finished reading frank miller's elektra/daredevil and elektra lives again. I also finished reading promethea by alan moore before i went to sleep. heheh, promethea... doesn't everyone want to be a story? to get away from harsh reality? I'm sure everyone has, at least once in their lives.

Friday, September 27, 2002

I woke up at 5am. I planned to go online last night 10pm, but I slept at nine. So.

I went to the pc to find my sis and mom emailing. Big sis made mom an email account J If I hadn’t slept I would have done it for her. Anyway, they were done in an hour.

And so was I. In one hour I managed to check both my yahoo and msn emails, posted my all my blogs, and finished another page in my geocities. I have to update the others though. Anyway if you wanna check it out here it is:

I think I worked faster because it’s less likely for anyone to chat with me in the morning via messengers. Mercifully my internet worked despite the physical errors in the hard disk. I hope it would hold on until I can bring it back to the shop to get it fixed on Tuesday.

Then I basically spent the morning bumming around, looking after my baby nephew while his mom helps my mom with the laundry. The laundrygirl took the day off ‘cause she had allergies or something.

Soon after we had brunch at 11am. Then I got dressed and went to our fastfood by 12pm. I was dressed in jeans, hiking boots, and a camouflage t-shirt. They complained about it and suggested I change. I thought the outfit fits my moods at the moment so I stuck with the ol’ boyish look. I mean, there just isn’t enough cute guys to give me reason to bother prettying up :6

And whaddaya know, on the very day that I looked like a troglodyte this elementary crush appears, his hand clasped to another hand belonging to some ponytailed girl in a spaghetti strap top! Lemme guess, his gf? Bingbingbingbingbing!!!! Wonderful timing, huh?

Surprisingly, I found myself less annoyed than amused. I can’t help laughing that he was hesitant to introduce the girl to me. What, he was scared I’d snatch his girl away from him? Heheh, I know I was giving off boyish vibes but I’m never lesbian, as much as the idea intrigues me.

We talked about his exams, and my ailing pc. We gave each other updates on both subjects. Needless to say my moods didn’t improve one bit. Then the lunch hour mania starts, and I get swept up in my job, THEN my moods started lifting. Ah, productivity!

In an hour I counted the sales. At first I thought it’s gonna be a bad day, but it turned to be pretty good after all. I hope things get better. Since it’s still a hot day I decided to buy some ice cream on the way home: ube for mamy and lola, melon for big sis, choco for me!

I got home and distributed the ice cream. I found mom hanging the laundry to dry, so I helped her some. Much as I complained of the high temperatures, mom was glad of the sun for the laundry. When we’re almost done we ate the ice cream, then I went out to the school across the street to confirm about this rumor I heard about them giving lessons for diesel/automechanics.

At the technical school I just found some guys tinkering with a passenger jeepney who told me to try coming back tomorrow morning to get my questions answerted. All they knew was that the school holds such seminars on Saturdays and Sundays.

Saturday, September 28, 2002

I woke up 6am. I wondered if I would get online, then decided to do it tonight instead. I got up a few hours later and found big sis and mom in the room next to the pc. They said something about the mother hen rising to check the netchick, amusingly defensive about how I keep watch whenever I can on how much of my net card have been used.

I lazed around around watching over the baby and the tv. When it’s finally 8am I got dressed and went out to the technical school again. Again, I found no-one to help me with my inquiries. I opened a door to an ongoing seminar, apologized for my intrusion, and asked where I can find people to answer my questions.

One of the people from the seminar got up and showed me the annex building I was looking for. Along the way he caught some guy to help me, and he went back to his seminar. The new guy WAS pretty helpful, showing me registration forms for courses such as “Diesel/Auto-Mechanic” and “Driving and Troubleshooting”.

Each course had a total fee of almost 3thou. But they said I need to pay only 300 bucks for registration. The classes start Oct 6, every Sunday 8am to 12pm. If I am interested I can come back tomorrow and register with P300 and a white t-shirt for uniform.

I asked if I’m the only girl to ask about these courses. He said I would be the second girl in mechanic, but there are more girls in driving. I still can’t decide. Sure, the mechanic course could teach me enough to make it less likely for grease monkeys to rip me off, but I also want to learn how to drive. Ah well, if only I can find someone to teach me driving…

Thursday, September 26, 2002

hmmm, i swear i posted i poseted a lotta blogs after that last one... anyway, my dad's back in china. and he happily emails us every chance he gets! of course, we happily reply.

i finished drawing all that my boss needed so i can stay home and draw my personal projects until he calls me again.

I'm invited to this year's UAP inductions again, I hope I can bring my sis there. And it would have been a lot more convenient if I know how to drive.

found errors in hard disk. will bring it back to shop this tuesday. God grant me patience and wisdom... those guys are causing me a LOT of inconveniences. I'm beginning to find it annoying. might as well have them check out my monitor. It's still too bright. Sheesh, how i wish I know a pc expert I can kidnap to my place and zap all my pc problems away. So i can play all the pc games i want!

my dad doesn't want a fax machine anymore. My uncle explained how email can be cheaper. as for me, i text everybody using the net.

went to mooncake festival last sunday. forgot to go to church. hope God forgives me.

worked in our fastfood. bought ice cream on the way home. baby mikko stuffed his face with ice cream. literally.

remember that elementary classmate? he just offered to be my pc expert. he said i can call him anytime i need help with my pc. can't kidnap him though, baka magalit yung gf nya hehehehehe!

finally read all ten books of sandman! so kewl!!! bitin pare! woo-hoo!

Friday, September 20, 2002

heheh! Well, whaddaya know! my dad woke up again! I taught him email 'til he understood it enough for him to do it himself when he gets back to china. Yipee! another productive day!

After finishing 4 drawings, my boss changed his mind about some stuff like finishes and had me erase and redraw the sheet. He apologized. I don't feel bad about it in the first place but i appreciate it :) I just don't mind drawing at all.


Finished all revisions. Went on to make another new drawing :) Thankfully, my pace picked up, as I predicted. I'm supposed to teach dad the internet, but he fell asleep. If he wakes up while I'm online I'll ask him if he still wants me to teach him tonight.

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

ah, what a week :)


Dad's home. I'm happy :)


As the US of A commemorates 9-11, we celebrate my elder sister's birthday :) i hurried home as fast as i can but i got home after six because i blueprinted my drawings and made copies for estimates. we had a nice time. i still owe my sis a japanese dinner date though :)


went to office as early as i could so boss could bring blueprints and copies to manila that day :)


dad announced that he'll help me buy my own pc! yipee! he told me to ask my boss for a day off tomorrow.


boss let me take the day off. off to megamall we go! kuya gerry was kind enough to come meet me there to help me shop for the pc. i know it's a biggie 'cause he's busy doing his movie :) ok, so good news: i have my own pc, printer and internet. bad news: my celphone got plucked out of my bag by a female thief! sometimes i still wanna kick myself for hesitating to go after her just because she's a girl. by the time i was positive she was the one who took it, she has ran. fast. i learned the hard way to watch my belongings when in an escalator in a megasale. so now i have these to save up for: a scanner, a celphone, and maybe a fax machine. my dad wants one. i'm hoping to help him get that as he helped me get my pc :)


went to church. learned to forgive thief. feel better now.


printer comes withOUT an adaptor! had to take half the day off to go 3 hrs to megamall, get the right power cord, then 3 hrs ride back home. truns out they forgot to tell me that i had to buy an adaptor. sheesh, silly people. due to the inconvenience they let me have a new power cord for free. though honestly i think they should've given me that power cord for free in the first place.


had brownies for snack. Kuya gerry dropped by the office to help me install programs like MS Office. couldn't install diablo II though. puzzling.


had ham sandwiches for snack. Kuya gerry dropped by again to install photoshop and other graphics programs. and dad got the phone line ready for internet! wheee! warcraft didn't run either. curioser. we guess it's due to not having enough memory. mine's 128. it's within minimum requirements but we hear they won't run on minimum sometimes.

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

okay, so it's been MORE than a week! been busy lately...


friend came! he hung out in my office where he spent his time singing and pestering me about how slow i do my drafting these days. well i'm a bit rusty! gimme a break :) i still enjoy my job though. i get to listen to any music i want in the office's surround-sound system.

i was happy to hear him sing along with my old savage garden album. the song's "truly, madly, deeply". mega-mushy! but we used to sing it back in our college days, when we walked around the campus. among other songs.


i received a message from a 'prodigal friend' (whatever 'prodigal' means). he was my friend. then he used me. then he abused me 'for using him'. needless to say i was pissed. but all the same i'm relieved. i didn't have to explode at him. he did to me. he cut off the friendship for me.

anyway, to go back to monday, he invited me to meet him because he wanted to give me something. i said i can't go. it's too far and i'm too busy. he said he'll send it and asked for my address. i gave him my office address.

"after everything that you told me...?"

"aw, you know i didn't mean that! well, not EVERYTHNG... only SOME of the the things..."



i was in the office when the package came. by courier. i was wary to open it, but when i finally did i found a green powerpuff girls buttercup backpack. i cried.

i wanted one because 1)buttercup is my favorite cartoon character 2)my favorite color is green, and most of all 3)i NEEDED one.

i used to own a backpack that was so dilapidated (may its soul rest in peace) i had to keep sewing it to keep any of my stuff from falling out of its numerous and multiplying holes.

i was holding the holes closed all the while i was running after the prodigal friend when he accused me of many things of which i couldn't even make sense. i bought a needle and thread on the way as he continued to verbally abuse me with the most painful words i never thought would come out of an otherwise seemingly intelligent person.

back when we were friends i volunteered to help him with his book. i never expected he was serious when he said he's gonna buy me that backpack for my efforts. apparently he was. i still cried. i don't want his backpack. i want his apology.


my mind's in total emotional chaos because of the package. luckily i got distracted...

i was mopingly picking at my lunch in our 'sorta open-air' restaurant when someone called my name. my OLD name!

i looked up to see my elementary classmate. we have long since parted ways, as i pursue an artist's path while he took up engineering. i had a crush on him when we were twelve. so i'm REALLY happy to see him! especially since he let his hair grow long again. i've always liked long-haired guys since i first saw it on him.

too bad i don't have a crush on him anymore. after more than ten years of not seeing each other, we found that my height totally clears him! i mean, i think he's only up to my shoulder! tough ;9 but i'm still glad he called me. i'm surprised he still remembered me. since we weren't that close back in grade school.


'm happy :) my 19-yr old younger sister hung out at my office. i really appreciate it. i'm usually alone at the office, so i always enjoy the company. she spent the afternoon rifling through my boss' cassette tapes and cd collections, and proceeded to play 'the beatles' on the stereo. she got disappointed when she couldn't find the bee gees. she always enjoyed that band. it makes us laugh when they do that high-pitched voice when they sing :) anyway, we enjoyed beatles too...

"you miss dad, don't you?"

"i guess. hm, yeah: i got hooked into beatles because dad has a complete collection of their albums."

well ok, so do i. so i'm really glad he's coming home tonight from china :)


my kuya gerry and i somehow brought up 'baked chicken' in our converstaions. i mentioned that i never tried it. he said that he makes it! so invited me over to his place to sample his recipe of baked chicken. i'm only too happy to sample his cooking. i still couldn't forget his chili con carne!

he picked me up from the office to have lunch at his place, then went with me back to the office after. he even lent me more sandman books by neil gaiman! darn kuya gerry! i'm getting addicted to the sandman series! :) anyway, at work, i finally finished the three pages of my 20x30's so i can move on to making the perspective page!


started inking perspective page! i even incorporated my favorite big man, vin diesel in the foreground, heheheh!