Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Pilya cover pin-up

ok, you can view the pin-up here. the zine's name is "thought market". Pilya is soon to be downloadable in all Java-enabled Smart mobile phones! You can also read PILYA as a weekly webcomic in this blog!
woo-hoo! someone lent us a PS1 and dancepad. I spent most of tuesday night making a fool of myself trying to figure out the friggin' dancepad. The highest i could get is a lousy D (for dumb, i guess) if not E (for effort?). I only got an A when i used the joystick (wahahahahah! daya!) but of course that doesn't count!

I spent the rest of my PS time playing the alisa story of front mission 3. then i tried playing kartia again, but fm3 is faster-paced :)

oh, about geoff's character, i can't post it after all, for copyright reasons. I'll post a pilya pin-up instead :) if there are any punks (or anyone familiar or interested with the punk culture) out there email

as for today, nothing much happened. minded the store as usual, then paid a water bill (where, predictably, i got lost trying to figure out to pay the friggin' thing), and went home home to color the pilya pin-up i was talking about. then i went out again to see mikko get nebulized. the poor kid's developing asthma, i think. hopefully he'll lick it.

there a pretty girl talked to me, saying she recognized me from high school. she turns out to be a girl of my batch. i find it funny how a lot of people still recognize me after all these years, even when i never knew personally (nothin' like bein' distinctively ugly ;9 hehehehe!). in this case it was thje first time i actually seen her, but i've heard of her name before, as being one of the prettiest girls in school. she still is. and she introduced me to her 5-year old kid. she said she stoipped schooling at third year college and now minds the family business, like me. i think she felt kinda shy admitting she married early, but hey, she's pretty, can't blame her, especially the guy ;9

after the nebulizing thing (no, my nephew was not examined by aliens), we went out to buy street foods like siomai, kweklet, and 8-peso barbeques. i was so hungry i ate one on the way home. i was careful not to spill onto the car interiors though, i love my dad. and my neck.

Monday, November 25, 2002

Good Monday morning! as i minded the store geoff came by and lent me "kingdom come". i have just finished reading it last night. the ending kicks ass. before we left the shop though beho passed by as well so i was able to hand to him pugad baboy 14, culture crash 2, 5, 5.5, and 8 (i'm still looking for the rest) as well as two issues of kuya gerry's chbs so he can be updated about cats and dogs and chickens (and lizards and...).

geoff told me about a character ric and he were developing. i'll give it a try at designing the character. i already made sketches last night, but it was a bit of a challenge. i'm having fun though :) i can't wait to have it scanned, colored and posted :)

derrick posted new wallpapers! check it out:(copy and paste to browser)

Sunday, November 24, 2002

PILYA punk1

You can view the very first PILYA strip here. It was first published in Beho's punk zine Thought Market. more coming soon, but not necessarily published indie ;)

my mom and i went to megamall. to pick up a package again. hopefully next month i'll be driving instead of commuting :)

we went around megamall, as usual, where mom bought some baby clothes and stuff, while all i bought are some manjo's and a culture crash nine. i read that they ran out of back-issues, so i plan to sell mine, for a hundred each!!! mwahahahhaah!

yipeeee! comic quest has blade of the immortal, "blood of a thousand"! at last! sayang wala me pera :( aaaargh! oh, well, at least nabasa ko na, i'm happy enough. i just wanted to buy so i can give it to someone this christmas :)


finished drawing one page comic strip for beho's zine. minded the store, bought some corn shakes, scanned and copied minigames off the pc shop. he(the shopboy) let me do the last one for free! wheeee! heheh ;)


rushed to finish rendering the one-page when i got interrupted during my last panel by nonoy who came over today (instead of the usual friday) to teach me driving. i went off and in no time found myself driving up to 40 kph from Tikew to Bayan and back and forth a lotta times from 9 to 11am, all the time with nonoy gripping the car interiors a suspiciously-too-tightly.

i finished the last panel, saved the psd file in a diskette, and hopped into the shower. but i rushed out that i forgot the stupid disk. (d-oh!) we had fun in the komikero meeting though :) the afternoon was perfectly sunny and it was as breezy as i liked. it was the winds i liked best :) from last time we met three new guys, johnny, mico and beho(ok, so i met two people). t

he meeting ended with us walking to rizal avenue along the lighted streets (the rest are dark due to some kind of blackout). we watched some fireworks from the church then kuya gerri and ate ilyn went on ahead while the rest of us went to dunkin. ric mysteriously disappeared, though.

at dunkin geoff treated the rest of us(yay!) and talked some more. mico went ahead earlier 'cause he lives in alabang. at about eight we all left for home. beho went off to his sakayan while geoff saw us off as jon n i got in a wawa jeep. i told them about the shoip i mind on lunchtime so they could contact me in case of comicbook trading and stuff.

Thursday, November 21, 2002

yep, here's mikko. he's exactly nine months of age today :)
let's see, wednesday i was invited to kuya gerry's place for more of his world famous chili. he sid he ran out of tabasco, but it's really ok... it would be unfair if he cooks his chili only to find he can't handle it himself (yabang ko! charing!!! hahahah!). anyway, the chili kicks ass, whatever he said.

we watched some dvd's, and he scanned my drawing and pics for me. it was 5 strips, 1 sort-of strip, and two pin-ups. oh, and a pic of mikko reaching his toe... as soon as i'm done coloring the drawings i'll upload them, and i'll give the links here, okay? :)

i left his place at about six, it think. i got off the tricycle realizing i'm one peso short of a fare. i decided to walk the rest of the way home, for i never minded the walk anyway. halfway to the railroad tracks i heard my name called. i made sure it was my name, then i turned to see my younger sis and mom in a jeep of one our jeepie(jeep equivalent of cabbie?) friends. they asked me what i was doing walking at night. i told them i'm short.

when we got home they fussed over how i shouldn't have said that i'm short when i had to shout it over the noise of the jeep engine. they said it's embarassing when the others in the jeep hears it. something about people thinking we don't have money and stuff. thay said i ruined their entrance after they got on the jeep with their numerous shopping bags after their shopping trip. i thought it was ridiculous that they're scared the people would think we're penniless just because i said i'm short despite their shopping bags full of new clothes and shoes and stuff.

i got annoyed until they admitted they were just more worried about my walking alone at night, since they know i'd have to cross the rail tracks. we were ok after that.

last night i watched the moon out of my window. i remember last sunday when my lil sis and i went to get papu's siomais after mass. she pointed out to me the moon, saying it was so bright she thought it was one of the street lights at first glance.

the moon's real pretty ok? let's leave it at that ;) i'm not in a poetic mood right now to spout mushy lines about it heheheh!

speaking of lil sis i heard that they were celebrating their second anniversary. before i could send my congratulations though, she told us that she broke up with him. i asked her what he did that she should dump him. she said the cake he bought wasn't big enough or something. go figure.

my poor nephew got sick for the first time. ah, the joys of early life. he's hating every moment of it. especially the medicine. i did a little acupressure, though i was a bit worried i'd hurt him but he sat perfectly still the whole time. i could see how it's giving him a hard time but he still manages to laugh and play with us whenever we get too worried. we appreciate how he handles it pretty well, with minimum fussing. other kids might've bawled their lungs out, but not this guy :)

i also did some acupressure(AP) on lola. since last night when big sis asked for the same AP services i'm being paid for it. someone told me i have to be paid for the AP or else something baaaaad will happen. yeah right. but hey, i get paid so who cares! heheh, kidding. actually i tell them a few cents will do, 'cause it's only for the sake of paying.

Monday, November 18, 2002

not much happened today, minded the store, cashed a check, made a deposit, robbed a bank... ok, ok that last one is a joke.

Saturday, November 16, 2002

XMAS art 2001

i made this last year as i greeted then merry christmas. i hope i'd make a new one in time for this year :)
wheee! ive watched Harry Potter 2 this afternoon with my two sisters. we enjoyed the movie, but the stupid reel operator must be sleeping on the job 'cause the movie kept stopping. aaaargh! it's almost enough for me to throw a bomb at the mindless cretin!

driving lessons got cancelled. could the driver be making excuses after i scared him with my fast driving last week? i hope not heheheh!

Thursday, November 14, 2002

ok, ok, komikero thingie is happening on nov 24, 2pm, sampaloc lake park! whoopee! uh-oh, i have to finish the comics that's supposed to appear in beho's zine! aheheheh, but i get distracted by the sherlock holmes book! eep! that's it! i'll borrow only comics from now on! unless it's lord of the rings or harry potter...

arrrgh! christmas is coming! i have to buy everyone gifts! uh-oh! there goes my money.

so what happened so far? nothing much. last sunday i went to church. last monday i minded the store. last tuesday i went to nova with mom for my uncle's birthday. i used the phone to get in contact with my friends in manila. i got to talk with old college classmates like Ching, Deng and Derrick. And Az called me from a payphone. I tried to call up Ariel but he was out.

last wednesday we were supposed to go home early but due to color coding we had to wait 'till after six pm. to pass the time i tried to call up ting to invite her to harry potter 2. absent daw. waaaa! miss ko na siya! passed the day watching tv and chatting with nova fam. watched anime. mom laughed at how two cousin toddlers who were kuliting me one moment suddenly turned into well behaved kids sitting beside me as soon as anime starts. the ride came after dinner. mga nine pm na ata. we went to my other cousins' house and checked out the newly built buildings. i was impressed :) makes me wish i can have a place of my own. soon enough we were on our long way home. i slept most of the time, if i wasn't drinking blue pepsi. it tasted like sprite. na may halong tinta. JOKE LANG! hehehe ;)

when i got home i was told that derrick called at 10:30. i got home 11:30. sayang. i fell onto the bed. the morning after derrick texted. i replied. we wished each other a good day. then i went on with my life again. beya stumbled upon a few sites about dollz. i was interested in making some of my own. we checked it out. i still have to learn how to make a website with movable images though.

Saturday, November 09, 2002

Blue Flame Lillith

i made the artwork for last halloween. including that wallpaper with my nephew in it. As for pic of that wallpaper, I have to find it first ;)