Sunday, February 23, 2003

whew! FINALLY! the party's over and done with! argh! we've all been running all over the place organizing and planning and entertaining the guests! we were exhausted!

but i was also glad the party was a success. it wasn't perfect, but it was fun nonetheless. with or without wearing blue's ears ;)

thanks for all who came to the party! Hello Mimay! hello Blossom Ting! hello Derrick! sana naxt time punta kayo dito overnight na! heheheh! para masaya!

i was supposed to post pics of mikko in his chinese suit which he wore in this first birthday ritual thingie, but as usual, my scanner is more infuriating than ever. if i ever get near a working scanner, i'll post 'em ok? maybe i'll even post a pic of myself hosting the kiddie party(!) and games.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003


We went out to town and bought all the stuff he asked for. We also surprised him with a cake and banner. Gem See's made a little mistake though when they put a "1" candle instead of a "25". I had to go back and ask for them so we could stick onto the sesame street themed cake. Of course, the banner also had sesame street characters all over it :) We took pictures. We ate. We had fun.
In no particular order :)

Monday, February 17, 2003

Mmmmmmm... M&M's... :9
for anyone wondering why I don't text back, it's because I don't have any load left. I have to save up for a week or so before I could buy a new one.

I'll try to reply by this blog or by emailing you.

to blossom Ting, yes, you may bring a friend :) do I need three guesses on who that friend is? ;)

to jonas, thanks for the cd! I checked it out! kewl! Now if I could only figure out how to work this Dreamweaver thing...

to johnny, Kuya gerry dropped his stuff at the fastfood, ya got it yet? :)

Sunday, February 16, 2003

nope. i'm actually having problems installing the darn updated driver! sigh, so as much as i enjoyed playing grim fandango i had to uninstall it :( damn, i just don't know how i could fix my pc. it's said we could've gone wrong somewhere along the line and deleted some system files so the only way to fix it would be to reinstall windows. nuts! i have no idea how to do it myself and i can't afford it. sheesh, and my scanner isn't working at all! argh! it's times like these that i wish i took up IT instead of archi!

Friday, February 14, 2003

i've reinstalled grim fandango, but i'm still looking for a better driver. I'm playing Startopia in the meantime. I can't get past mission two!

happy valentine's day! or in my case, happy Single Awareness Day. I'm wearing all black today. but kuya gerry complained that it's not really all black because there's a big bright yellow Tweety Bird on my shirt.

I even changed my cellphone casing into matte (rubberized) black with matching black keypad ^_^

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

I uninstalled grim fandango because i couldn't find an updated driver that works. But I'm still trying to find one. when I do, i'll reinstall it and try again :)

Monday, February 10, 2003

hello! i'm veeery busy these days, especially since mom went to hongkong with dad. They'll be celebrating their 28th Wedding Anniversary by touring hongkong then china.

I spent the first days balancing accounts, checking and counting sales and expenditures, and basically trying not to strangle employees for being unbelievably mentally-challenged. we get even by checking all the cash flow to the tiniest discrepancies (P1.85 to be exact). I also organized account documents that dated back from January 24 because mom didn't have time to do it herself since dad came home. I even made new logbooks for advance account documents.

whew! sometimes i feel overwhelmed because i haven't really done anything like this since college (all that math and stuff) and I really have to interact with the people abot that touchy subject(money). So far it's working out, though. And I'm really having fu8n, since what i love doing is organizing chaos. And mom left me all this backlog and unorganized papers! Whee! I stayed up nights happily filing each and every one of them out.

Then when i'm still in that rush that I couldn't sleep, i installed grim fandango and played it until Year Three (there are four years). I had to stop though because the game crashed when I went to that crane/conveyor belt scene. I later read in a site that I should upgrade my video driver. Anyway, I was forced to sleep at 4am that night because of that glitch.

right now i'm looking for the driver upgrade to download.

And I'm very hungry.

Yes. Again.