Thursday, February 26, 2004

Dear Danny,

I have always enjoyed working for this company. You have been the coolest boss I ever worked with.

Last tuesday. By then I am aware of the newly made rules. It would take some getting used to, and I'm still disappointed at how I can't wear mini skirts to the office anymore ;)

And it is only that day that I ever told anyone in the office that I may not be able to work in Makati for long. I told Marvin that I may have to work in China.

I am applying to work in China because my father who works there feels homesick with no family to be with. I told father that if I get accepted to work in China I need 1 month grace period for you. I was planning to make arrangements so that I can still work for you, the difference is that it would be from China, where I can still get online to work with you guys.

As of now I am still not sure if the company in China will hire me.

As of Tuesday afternoon you told me by chat:

"so the client for SR told me that he can't renew your contract for the next month..."

"we'll probably need your consulting help too..."

"we'll just figure out when there's a project that needs your special talents"

"... the main concern for us is that..."

"you can upload all of the work that you've completed so far..."

I am perfectly fine with it :) In two weeks I can reestablish my freelance clients, tell them I have more free time to work on their projects now, and make adjustments regarding my lodging in Makati, for I may have to move back to Laguna until my services is needed for your company again.

after I had my lunch Pam told me to talk with her downstairs. She said it's about you telling her that I'm leaving the company and that he wants her to do the necessary arrangements. Like talking to me. And answering my questions. Like how much longer do I have to adjust to the new situation?

According to her I may as well leave "now". I could only hope that this is a case of miscommunication. That the WHOLE thing is a case of miscommunication. But from where things are going it's like I just burn my files and leave.

Are they saying I have only until tomorrow???

I asked her if I may have at 2 weeks to do the adjustments: I have to reestablish my freelance contacts. I have to move back Laguna, after uprooting myself to move into Makati to share rent with a friend of mine. I still have to explain to my room mate that we may not be able to keep the room we're renting because I have to leave. Where would she live? It's impossible for her to find a place to move out to by TOMORROW!

They want me to submit a letter of resignation. According to the labor code AND the employment contract for probationary employees I am entitled to a grace period 1 month after the submission of the letter.

They can't even give me 2 weeks. They said it's because I'm on probation. I leave as soon as I get my pay for this month. That's TOMORROW.

I still don't understand what is happening, really. And I hope someone would clear this all for me. I'm hoping you would explain this all to me. I can't understand why. I have served this company with the best of my intentions. If I am actually being dismissed I ask only for 2 weeks.

It would be an understatement to say that the whole thing happened abruptly.

I have to admit that I am hurt by this whole affair. If the incident that happened between you and Erwin is any explanation for your actions towards me, then I hope you would think more carefully regarding your actions involving this company.

I am hurt, but I resolve to remain understanding. I would still welcome any coordinations with this company. I only hope matters are carried out more clearly. Thank you.

Jac Ting Lim

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