Monday, January 31, 2005

Comment for Soloflite

"I'm right there with you :) As I run from one job to another and come home to make yet more work, I wonder if I made the wrong decision giving up a higher paying job in China to work at least 3 jobs at a time.

But I also know that if I take that path, I would live the rest of my life knowing I never pushed the limits of my creativity. That I just stayed within my comfort zone. That I decided not to dare when I had the chance.

well, that should explain why I haven't been blogging lately :)"

This I posted as a comment to Soloflite's entry here.

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ellamarie said...

Hi, there white kitten.

I miss chona mae in the city's blog.
So I've created a blog that's dedicated to her:

hope you like it.