Tuesday, April 19, 2005

my Bikini Bodies 2005 pics!

meet up at SWI Pasay Road

Zoobic Safari entrance

That's TOTALLY gonna ruin your diet. Trust me.

Inside the jeepney cage in the middle of the tigers' den.

One of the tigers inviting us to step on out of the jeep.

Pumbaa's pinoy relatives.


The miniature horse and a sheep. I'll be using this photo to blackmail them >:D

Cassowary. Read more Lewis Carroll ;)

Black grizzly bear



Goats. Shaggy.

brown eagles

black eagle

black monkey

10 points to the house of whomever names this!

miniature horse freely wandering around the zoo.

rats. Dungeons and Dragons size.

care for venison?

inside water park shop

Inside aquarium area with len and other contestants


more fishies!

that's one weird looking fishie!

Suzette. Now that's the cutest fishie yet ;)

Sea lion. NOT a fishie.

At the water adventure!

Having lunch. Those who weren't present are mostly on a diet. Or sunbathing.

contestants in a pictorial in Grand Leisure hotel in Subic

same place. from left:
Nerissa and me (Legaspi branch), (front)Maris (Megamall), (back)Rizza (Pasay Rd), Isabel (Pasay Rd), Suzette (Subic)

In Club Morocco the next day! From left: Ranulf, Marcelle, me, Sacha, Dominique and Diane

a distorted dalmatian giving us the finger.

Over dinner in Super Bowl. No, we didn't have Lemon Chicken this time.


Marcelle said...

I would DEFINITELY love to "borrow" your Dalmatian pic and post it on my blog. May I? :P

evan said...

Wow, stunning. Well, I meant the python in that one pic (^_^;)but you're looking good too Jac

Not sure about the 10 point critter. It doesn't look like a primate. Maybe a Cuscus or somet other kind of marsupial?

Great pics though, some really cool things there =)

Jac said...

Marcelle- sure, as long as you host it yourself ;) bandwidth you know.

Evan- haha! actually I forgot what that 10-pt animal is. I'm hoping someone could positively identify it :)

Marcelle said...

Thanks, Jac! Will do!

*Logs into Photobucket*

Diwa del Mundo said...

Bandwidth exceeded na daw. Wala bang mirror?