Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Adelina GET!!!

I've been levelling up my La Coronas (my Brunie 'Joy', scout 'Beany' and male wiz 'Abelard') with Shin boosting me(until he has to go sleep ^^) when Erv offered to help me get the Adelina RNPC card :D Using the Brunie I got from Shin I went with his party Helina et al to Porto Bello and completed the quest (I find it yurilicious how I wouldn't have been able to get the card without Brunie)! I quickly replaced the male wiz with Adelina and proceeded with her story. I am pleased to find her story to be of vengeance. I took screenshot of her convo with Capt Ricardo, and improvised a few of my own...

Capt. Ricardo: "I told you I do not know where Bardi is! I only know he's here in Coimbra..."

Adelina: "Aye, me bonny lass, ye can put yer knife down now."

... Having my yuri harem for henchies = WIN!

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