Saturday, June 14, 2008

MEAW, not MEOW for my braces

Ooooh! I got it spelled wrong after all XD I tried Google again now that I am armed with correctly-spelled data:

"The treatment of anterior open bite is considered the most difficult task in the orthodontic specialty. These malocclusions are frequently subjected to orthognathic surgery, with questionable results. Multiloop edgewise archwire therapy, however, has been found to be effective in treating open bite malocclusions. Multiloop edgewise archwire therapy has been shown to be versitile and capable of correcting other malocclusions, such as Class II, Class III, deep overbite, and malocclusions with marked midline deviations."

Quoted from this link.

Anyway, yeah. I got this wire fitted on my lower teeth, while my upper braces got their usual tightening. There's a dull pain now, which is worse than usual on my lower gums T_T so I'm afraid I'd have to give up going to Toy Con altogether this year. I'll just have to enjoy it through your stories, pictures and videos ^^ so make plenty! ;D And have fun!


Cheryl said...

Did you have a midline deviation? My upper midline deviates 4 mm from my facial midline and I'm currently trying to find an orthodontist that can fix it using MEAW mechanics. How did your teeth turn out?

Jac Ting Lim said...

MEAW was months of agonizing pain and I was seriously worried about the wire embedding itself into my gums, but yeah it worked :)