Wednesday, July 24, 2002

hi! I'm supposed to get online only once a week, but I forgot my diskettes yesternight so I never got to download those vin diesel wallpapers hehehehehehe!

and what happened since last time I blogged in?

JULY 22 2002, MONDAY

Tapos I went home. Nothing interesting happened. Just the usual: us girls read, chat, watch tv, then we all clean up, undress, and go to bed.

Okay! If anyone thinks about lesbian orgy-fantasies I'm afraid you'd be disappointed! We are doing absolutely NOTHING out of the ordinary! least not while the lights are still on.

JUUUUST KIDDING! Hah! Gotcha there! ;D


Anyway, usual drill when I wake up: alarm rings at 4:30, I trudge half-asleep to the showers to get (my stuff) in line, then I get back to sleep 'til 7:30 'cause that's when it's FINALLY my turn. I hurry to office to reach it by 8:30 and finish my morning rituals AFTER I logged in (like combing my hair and getting breakfast). Then work. Then Warcraft III (while eating lunch). Then work ulit. Then Sir Sam announced that we're taking the day off tomorrow 'cause all them Korean bosses have to be at the airport to take the Bigwigs from Korea to Subic for an English language seminar or something. I don't care! I'm getting the day off! WHEEEE! I texted Ting to say we could meet and find the friggin' pie we've been craving since we watched MIB II. Ryan wanted to come along so I told her to meet us at Glorietta, McDo. Ryan and I got there early so we roamed around first, peeking around Filbar's and stuff. Eventually, we met Ting shortly after Ryan got his McDo meal. We helped ourselves to his fries (with his permission, of course!). Then we got our (mango cream) pie at red ribbon, while Ryan had chocolate mousse, being makulit all the time. We don't mind at all. We can be more makulit anytime! :) Then we went to Timezone arcade where Ryan played this virtual game where he wins by committing massacre. Ting and I played air hockey.

Ryan learned and kicked both our a$$ses in air hockey!

Then I walked home again.

Ooops! Wanna tell you more, but my time's limited. Bye!

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