Monday, February 10, 2003

hello! i'm veeery busy these days, especially since mom went to hongkong with dad. They'll be celebrating their 28th Wedding Anniversary by touring hongkong then china.

I spent the first days balancing accounts, checking and counting sales and expenditures, and basically trying not to strangle employees for being unbelievably mentally-challenged. we get even by checking all the cash flow to the tiniest discrepancies (P1.85 to be exact). I also organized account documents that dated back from January 24 because mom didn't have time to do it herself since dad came home. I even made new logbooks for advance account documents.

whew! sometimes i feel overwhelmed because i haven't really done anything like this since college (all that math and stuff) and I really have to interact with the people abot that touchy subject(money). So far it's working out, though. And I'm really having fu8n, since what i love doing is organizing chaos. And mom left me all this backlog and unorganized papers! Whee! I stayed up nights happily filing each and every one of them out.

Then when i'm still in that rush that I couldn't sleep, i installed grim fandango and played it until Year Three (there are four years). I had to stop though because the game crashed when I went to that crane/conveyor belt scene. I later read in a site that I should upgrade my video driver. Anyway, I was forced to sleep at 4am that night because of that glitch.

right now i'm looking for the driver upgrade to download.

And I'm very hungry.

Yes. Again.

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