Sunday, February 23, 2003

whew! FINALLY! the party's over and done with! argh! we've all been running all over the place organizing and planning and entertaining the guests! we were exhausted!

but i was also glad the party was a success. it wasn't perfect, but it was fun nonetheless. with or without wearing blue's ears ;)

thanks for all who came to the party! Hello Mimay! hello Blossom Ting! hello Derrick! sana naxt time punta kayo dito overnight na! heheheh! para masaya!

i was supposed to post pics of mikko in his chinese suit which he wore in this first birthday ritual thingie, but as usual, my scanner is more infuriating than ever. if i ever get near a working scanner, i'll post 'em ok? maybe i'll even post a pic of myself hosting the kiddie party(!) and games.

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