Sunday, March 16, 2003

MY PC IS CURED!!! ...sort of.

Jonas came over to my house (finally! i captured a pc doctor!) and after a few hours of tinkering with my pc, it actually scanned without a hitch! the printer still won't work, though, but kuya gerry was right about his suspicions about the printer running out of ink. All in all, we happily declared that i can manage without the dreaded reformat for a while! whee! ^_^

Dr. Jonas' final SCIENTIFIC diagnosis is that the pc is a girl. It's why daw the scanner works perfectly when operated by guys.

that slut ;)

seriously though, he just said that i should scan "the manly way" by opening the scanner menu through another program, like Photoshop or something.

Anyway, I suggested to name the scanner "Jona", since it's obviously 'his bitch'.

He suggested "Joan" :)

Anyway, i can finally scan independently! so here they are!

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