Friday, March 14, 2003

Tuesday, March 11

I answered my cellphone and found Jonas on the other end of the line. He told me he recommended me to Haribon as Layout Artist, and wants me to go there tomorrow and show 'em my stuff. I went through my stuff and found I had only two layout samples that survived my past careers. I stayed up until midnight updating my resume, make new layout samples (which I fear to be too simple) and sent them thru the net to Jonas, as well as saving them all on disk. I had my outfit and bag ready with my portfolio, and slept.

Wednesday, March 12

Mom woke me up a few minutes before my 4:30 alarm. I got ready as fast as I can and got on a crossing-calamba jeep outside my gate. Eep! I reached olivares 6:30! Sowy jonas T_T! Thank goodness for flexitime! We got on a Cubao bus and got off somewhere to get on another bus to city hall. From there we walked around to the back to Haribon Office. The place looks pretty nice. We went off to have breakfast first, his treat I had fish with tomatoes and toyomansi :9 And green apple mirinda.

It took a while because they really wanted Jonas to handle the projects personally, but he’s really good at convincing people ;) then he found he had to lug a leyte chair home so he sent me on a jeep to the nearest MRT station. From there I went to comfort zone to wait with ariel for az to go to the sci-fi con. I finished the small version of hot copy while waiting. Az hailed a taxi for us all to ride to amorsolo. Kuya Gerry!!! And I was happy to see Tintin again, who intro’ed me to Carla and Marie. We all went to Mcdo.

There we ate, talked anime, and designed a jedi knight. Or at least tried to. We were all goofing off managing it, but we definitely had fun. At first we argued whose koibito chichiri is, until I remembered that I still have my hotohori pic in my organizer. I doodled Marie with her dewberry-koi, Tintin with her chichiri plushie, and Carla beating Rukawa in a slamdunk. We stayed there so long I reminded them to go back there, 10-minute walk and all. Tintin said she’ll catch up. Man, did she! The girl can run! J

Whee! The place is pretty small, and i didn't expect it to be outdoors (good thing it didn't rain), but the booths are so much fun!

There's karen's tarot card reading(i wish it were only P50 tho, it's all i could afford! ahehehe!).

The hogwarts "enrollment booth" even give you a wand and some candies! it's very well made, with the kids in mind when it was conceptualized. (the li'l harry potter look-alike is so adorable!!! Kawaii ne!!!) Soon I was surrounded by 3 wand-wielding witches.

The Star wars booth have a lot of eye-candy goodies as well. that R2D2 was just begging to be taken home! heheheh!

X-files booth is undisputedly the best! that chalk outline was really funny, especially when az and others lie down in it for photo opportunities. Poor daddy az, victim of Sadako! It's currently being investigated by FBI special agents Tintin, Carla and Marie.

I saw a cute arwen cosplayer at the tolkien booth! And that guy in the elven cloak is really nice. I ogled at a LOTR RP card with my favorite elf’s pic in it. Legolas is SO my daddy!!!

At the PinoySlayers booth (I hope it doesn’t mean they slay pinoys ;) they give out wooden stakes to (literally?) kick-ass buffy trainees. I was more glad than surprised when I saw Cathy (remember Pakunoda?) with the wooden stake. She said she plans to cosplay as Faye Valentine next time. Watch out for it, otakus J

And Trekkies! The people there are so nice! Especially that guy in the blue star trek uniform. Brash Young Cinema is doing a great job giving the trekkies what they want. And more.

I met a lot cool people, I enjoyed talking photoshop and rendering techniques with the blitzworkx guys roy and the others. They even introduced me to their president Emman. Good thing I brought my portfolio for the Haribon. It sure made its round all over the scifi con! And I loved looking at the awesome artworks of all the other artists I met there. I was practically bouncing with joy when carlo vergara drew a sketch for me and ryan signed my copy of darna. I even met paolo of Jawbreaker!

I'm not as big a sci-fi fan as i used to be, but i had so much fun it was the most kick-ass convention i've ever been in! ^_^ whee!

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