Monday, February 05, 2007

PDJ Part 2, Chapter 3

I read my past Day 3 answer and laughed. I still want to have more money, but not to be able to shop like Imelda or Gretchen Barreto, only to be able to pay off debts, bills and a few stuff to own; like a house, and a car for my family. So no, I think I'm still the same as far as my attitude with money goes. Oh, ad for update: I bought my digicam. But you probably already know that ;)

"Chapter Three: What would my family and friends say is the driving force of my life? What do I want it to be?"

I want to be successful. I want to be better as a person, as an artist, as a friend, as a woman. And I wish I cold handle human relationships better. I just get so focused on one thing at a time that I tend to isolate myself without knowing it. I just want to be happy. How do I achieve it? So far I get happy when I make others happy. If I could choose my driving force I hope it would be making things work out for the best.

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