Monday, March 03, 2008

Pirate Costume get! :D

Thank you IAH for giving us our 30,000 Gpoints!!! (And sooner than I expected!)

They gave it to us for joining their Machinima contest. I was hoping to win their gorgeous GE external disk for my new widescreen laptop ^^ I'm not sure much of the details at this point... will update when I get more info

Anyway I'm glad that I am able to buy the premium item pirate costume for my Adelina!

I'd like the ATP card itself but let's just say it's too... elusive for me at the moment :p For now I'm glad to get the costume! I only wish I can also get the hat, but if it's too difficult for me to get I'll just make an eyepatch for my cosplay. Anyway, look how much I leveled up since I got my Adelina that's my screenshot from my laptop, with the ATP wallpaper peeking underneath.

Jaclina Esperanza the Pirate signing out... NYARR! :3

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