Monday, March 17, 2008


Thufferin' thuccotash!

I got my braceth latht Thaturday and it hath been driving me nutth everthince. It hath altho been quite an educational ordeal for me during thith learning curve.

For one thing, I learned that my tongue could be a very strong er, muscle? organ? whatever. It jutht means I'll probably try tying a cherry thtem into a knot with my mouth XD tho far I only know it'th my only meanth to cut thoft thoggy noodleth to eat >< And thpeaking of noodleth, long noodleth meanth trouble.

I altho learned that ortho wax ith luuurve! The inthide of my left molar band ith poking into my tongue tho much it'th all sore now :( I only got relief when I finally decided to try the wax which I got with my weird looking toothbrush with umm, thomething that lookth like a baby bottle cleaner, only much smaller.

I thoon after bought mouthwash and Pyodontyl too, along with a dental adhesive paste. I thtill couldn't bring mythelf to put 'deprotenized calf blood extract' whatever inthide my mouth though.

And timeth like these I'm glad I'm not a call center agent.

"Pinagthuthuthpetthahan kathi."
"Thabi ko, pinagthuthuthpetthahan kathi."
"'Pinagdudahan', bingengot!"

...Now excuthe me while I find more feeding optionth bethideth noodleth, thoup, and thorbetes.

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