Saturday, January 04, 2003

congrats nga pala to kuya gerry and ate ilyn! kick-ass invitations! talk about handmade! ;D

people ask me how kuya gerry's wedding went, since new year has come and gone i haven't talked much about it.

let's just it all started with me being home alone because went on a trip while i stayed behind to mind the store and the house. we didn't plan for them to stay that long that nobody could help me get ready for the wedding(because my fashion sense consists of "t-shirt, jeans, boots, tshirt, jeans..."). i called kuya gerry to ask them to pick me up, because i haven't arranged for transpo. then i called my fam so they got to tell me i could find a dress at the bottom dresser if i rummged long enough. they also told me not to wear t-shirt, jeans or boots because if i do they'll throttle me, "...and for god's sake, wear some make-up!!!"

motivated, i found the dress. and the shoes. and i ransacked my mom and sisters' kikay kit and played dress-up. and i really brushed my hair. i managed to put on make-up as correctly as possible, thank goodness for tracy's 'training' when she brought to the modeling agency. back then, she put on my makeup, all the while explaining how it's done, and she makes me practice whenever i can.

right on time, kuya gerry arrived with his bro. i walked to the front of the gate where they waited and we sped off to the cute little chapel in wawa. there we set up the stereo for the wedding soundtrack, and made some soundchecks. kuya gerry was muttering "i'mgonnakillthemi'mgonnakillthem..." when he found out that people never came earlier than 3pm, which is when the wedding is supposed to start, so we sorta waited until enough people came to start. i was milling around chatting with the people who came, gerry's mom even thanked me for helping, since i volunteered to operate the stereo for the background music. then kuya gerry told me to get start working ;) heheheh!

as the wedding commenced, it came it pretty good. it kinda weird though when some old guy photographer took my picture while i was hearing mass. but then there was this one guy whoran around the whole chapel lugging this humongous videocam. impressive hardware, but it's kinda funny 'cause kuya gerry seemed to be trying not to laugh as this camera guy pointed his cam straight at him. kulang na lang kausapin nya yung pari, "father, excuse lang ha? kuha lang ako ng magandang angle... there's my oscar clip!!!"

after the ceremony we held a picture taking session, when my duties are over :) it was THEN that we saw ryan, leinil, edgar, augy, and company running down the aisle trying to catch up to the wedding! nakaabot sila sa picture :)

i rode with gerry's bro and his fam to the reception. their kid played toy cars with me the whole time in the chapel and in the car. at the reception i saw rono's place for the first time :) the place looks great. and well furnished. the catering was very organized. and they have creative dishes.

it was funny how jim at first would introduce leinil to the kid as "the best artist in the world" to "the biggest stomach in the world" nil invited me to go along with him to for a round to at the buffet. i was really planning to go back anyway. i never claimed to eat like a bird :) edgar sat beside me and was fun to be with. jim was great with the kid, doing "magic tricks" and teaching him how to do them. ryan and gilbert talked about how darna is so delayed it didn't make its golden anniversary. gilbert was also really sweet with his new wife glenda (aww :)

i saw karen kunawicz for the first time, but i didn't approach her because well, nahihiya ako. same with budgette. i was planning to give him a batch72 fanart i made because i really enjoy the comics. the concept is great :) i just hope we could manage to make a comicbook that happens in ust for a change, or anywhere but UP when it comes to philippine schools! hehehe!

i also met a lot of my high school teachers there, because they happened to be the wedding couple's friends. i was glad i looked decent enough that night, because they said they were pleased at how i grew up (from the high school geek? sure :) one of them, miss lajara (who was my PE teacher) even agreed to drive me home. it was only too bad that i barely got to taste the fondant 'cause i never tried one before (ok, EVER). i hurriedly asked budgette tan's companion to give my fanart for me. a few days later kuya gerry told me that budgette got the fanart. he didn't say though if it's good or not. i'm glad enough that he didn't SAY it was bad :)

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