Tuesday, January 28, 2003

hello! I have finally bought my scanner, but i'm getting weird problems with the damn thing.

the first time we installed it, it worked a few times. then after the third scan we can't scan anymore.

It previews, then we set the resolutions and other settings, then as soon as we hit the SCAN button the PC errors and a window appears saying the scanner made errors with the MAPTABLE.DLL file. We checked out the file in the CD and the hard drive. my Norton said there wasn't any viruses. We uninstalled it and reinstalled it all night and all day. It still wouldn't work.

the next day my sister managed to get it working again after reinstalling it (again). I used it a few times (in less than an hour) before the trouble started all over again. exact same thing. i'm getting frustrated here :p

sigh. we bought a webcam as an afterthought. this one works, thankfully. So does my specs. I had a pair fitted for my astigmatism (i mentioned this before). we have a free option to have our lenses tinted. My lil sis opted to have hers tinted pink to match with her purple frames. I had mine tinted brown.

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