Wednesday, January 22, 2003

my old sim's dead. yeah, the (0917)975-32-43 one. I haven't used it (read: loaded) it for so long it died on me. snif, snif.

I kindly ask everybody for 5 seconds of solemn, mournful silence.

. . . . .

Okay! Thank you! Life goes on! Whee! ^_^

Dad brought home Nokia 3610's for my two sisters. I told dad I'd rather have a scanner than a 3610, so I'm getting my big sis' 3310 instead for a cellphone. Along with its sim, 'cause it has voice recordings of my nephew Mikko since he was only two months old. The recordings would be erased if the sim would be removed from the phone. If you wanna know my new cell number, email me at :) I'll reply to you as fast as I could!

PS Mikko is exactly eleven months old yesterday! Whee!

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