Tuesday, December 02, 2003

10 of ur closest friends: vivi, mamy, deck, wan, ting, cathy, tracy, lyn, gerry, azrael
9 things you do often: draw, work, write, list, eat, sleep, daydream, kikay, flirt
8 of ur fave movies: lilo & stitch, stitch the movie, mulan, harry potter, spirited away, princess mononoke, matrix, LOTR
7 of ur fave songs: white flag, spark, broken vow, prayer for the dying, iris, it's raining men, kanaete
6 things that u want to have: wacom, digicam, cd burner, my own pc, DSL, cel plan
5 things in ur room: bag, clothes, socks, costume, portfolio
4 things u ate/drank today: donuts, pizza, juice, pepsi
3 things u cudnt live without: good food, net, text
2 books u recently read: indie mangas and questors
1 person you can't go a day without mentioning: mikko

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