Tuesday, December 02, 2003

1. Are you in love? no
2. Do you compromise? yes
3. Is he/she your bestfriend? yes
4. Would you go for your bestfriend? yes
5. Would you date your bestfriend's GF/BF? no
6. Ever cheated on someone? no
7. Ever cheated? yes
8. Ever been kissed? yes
9. Are you versatile? yes
10. Liberal? yes
11. Conservative? yes
12. Tolerable? yes
13. Do you give justice? yes
14. Ever dumped someone? yes
15. Treasure the past? yes
16. Savor today? yes
17. Value friendships? yes
18. Do you TRUST so much? yes
19. Are you "ma-pride"? no
20. Do you live for yourself? no
21. Futuristic? yes
22. Value education and taking it? yes
23. Ever called anyone a Bitch/Whore? yes
24. Ever called anyone an asshole? yes
25. Are you a virgin? yes
26. Would you have it with anyone? no
27. Are you crazy? no
28. Friendster addict? no
29. Currently dating? yes
30. Currently flirting? yes
31. Ever go back with your past? no
32. Go for an ex? yes
33. Happy? yes
34. Sad? no
35. Lonely? no
36. Trustworthy? yes
37. Love life? no
38. You Bored? no
39. Pass this to people? no

BONUS: Is your crush in your Personal Network in
Friendster? yes

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