Thursday, July 08, 2004


I have just munched on Black Forest ice cream cake to eliminate the last traces of any Dementor attacks from me :9

As for Ragnarok, we have finally agreed on Crisha's new pose. i think. I lost the documentation of that one. Nah, I'll just text him...

And the tarpaulin? I sent an email of our project agreement. And I won't work on it until he complies. So now I'm free to work for other clients who doesn't give me Dementor attacks.

As for the soundbooth, I got paid P3375(tax deducted), so I guess it's ok. Anyway, my business is done regarding that. They want me back I'll cut another deal.

And I feel better now. I get a bit off when I get caught under the rain again but I recover now as quickly as usual.

And I have bought a dreamcatcher in Greenbelt, same place Wanwan bought hers and also accompanied by my other sis Vivi. It's big and it's red. The screams and words I heard before are now reduced to sighs and whispers. So I guess that's an improvement.

Which reminds me, I had a dream this morning. I dreamt my family(Mamy, Vivi, Allan, me and Wanwan) went to Canossa (my high school) to hear mass. Nope, not in the chapel, but in the classrooms. They arranged the armchairs to be like pews. And the teachers do the service from behind their desks. Weird huh? I wonder if this has anything to do with my last post (Purpose Driven Jac 6)?

Then I looked out the window and found an amazing sight of the full moon AND the sun, together in the same sky! I was so excited I hurried Wan to take pics with her mobile phone.

As she took pics we notice a huge swarm of bats(and I mean HUGE. It nearly swallowed up half the sky) flying across from the left of the sky. Covering first the sun, then the moon. Wanwan was worried about the bats. I told her we're ok with them up in the sky and us down on the ground.

Then the bats came swooping down and caused panic among the congregation. Everyone's running all over the place. We held together and ran away. Then I woke up. I wasn't so disturbed when I dreamt it, even when later on that I read around that it may be a bad omen. Maybe because I know no matter what happens, our family stays together. Like we always had through the most troubling times. And we will still be through the best times in the present and the future.

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