Thursday, September 26, 2002

hmmm, i swear i posted i poseted a lotta blogs after that last one... anyway, my dad's back in china. and he happily emails us every chance he gets! of course, we happily reply.

i finished drawing all that my boss needed so i can stay home and draw my personal projects until he calls me again.

I'm invited to this year's UAP inductions again, I hope I can bring my sis there. And it would have been a lot more convenient if I know how to drive.

found errors in hard disk. will bring it back to shop this tuesday. God grant me patience and wisdom... those guys are causing me a LOT of inconveniences. I'm beginning to find it annoying. might as well have them check out my monitor. It's still too bright. Sheesh, how i wish I know a pc expert I can kidnap to my place and zap all my pc problems away. So i can play all the pc games i want!

my dad doesn't want a fax machine anymore. My uncle explained how email can be cheaper. as for me, i text everybody using the net.

went to mooncake festival last sunday. forgot to go to church. hope God forgives me.

worked in our fastfood. bought ice cream on the way home. baby mikko stuffed his face with ice cream. literally.

remember that elementary classmate? he just offered to be my pc expert. he said i can call him anytime i need help with my pc. can't kidnap him though, baka magalit yung gf nya hehehehehe!

finally read all ten books of sandman! so kewl!!! bitin pare! woo-hoo!

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