Wednesday, September 18, 2002

ah, what a week :)


Dad's home. I'm happy :)


As the US of A commemorates 9-11, we celebrate my elder sister's birthday :) i hurried home as fast as i can but i got home after six because i blueprinted my drawings and made copies for estimates. we had a nice time. i still owe my sis a japanese dinner date though :)


went to office as early as i could so boss could bring blueprints and copies to manila that day :)


dad announced that he'll help me buy my own pc! yipee! he told me to ask my boss for a day off tomorrow.


boss let me take the day off. off to megamall we go! kuya gerry was kind enough to come meet me there to help me shop for the pc. i know it's a biggie 'cause he's busy doing his movie :) ok, so good news: i have my own pc, printer and internet. bad news: my celphone got plucked out of my bag by a female thief! sometimes i still wanna kick myself for hesitating to go after her just because she's a girl. by the time i was positive she was the one who took it, she has ran. fast. i learned the hard way to watch my belongings when in an escalator in a megasale. so now i have these to save up for: a scanner, a celphone, and maybe a fax machine. my dad wants one. i'm hoping to help him get that as he helped me get my pc :)


went to church. learned to forgive thief. feel better now.


printer comes withOUT an adaptor! had to take half the day off to go 3 hrs to megamall, get the right power cord, then 3 hrs ride back home. truns out they forgot to tell me that i had to buy an adaptor. sheesh, silly people. due to the inconvenience they let me have a new power cord for free. though honestly i think they should've given me that power cord for free in the first place.


had brownies for snack. Kuya gerry dropped by the office to help me install programs like MS Office. couldn't install diablo II though. puzzling.


had ham sandwiches for snack. Kuya gerry dropped by again to install photoshop and other graphics programs. and dad got the phone line ready for internet! wheee! warcraft didn't run either. curioser. we guess it's due to not having enough memory. mine's 128. it's within minimum requirements but we hear they won't run on minimum sometimes.

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