Monday, September 30, 2002

Friday, September 27, 2002

I woke up at 5am. I planned to go online last night 10pm, but I slept at nine. So.

I went to the pc to find my sis and mom emailing. Big sis made mom an email account J If I hadn’t slept I would have done it for her. Anyway, they were done in an hour.

And so was I. In one hour I managed to check both my yahoo and msn emails, posted my all my blogs, and finished another page in my geocities. I have to update the others though. Anyway if you wanna check it out here it is:

I think I worked faster because it’s less likely for anyone to chat with me in the morning via messengers. Mercifully my internet worked despite the physical errors in the hard disk. I hope it would hold on until I can bring it back to the shop to get it fixed on Tuesday.

Then I basically spent the morning bumming around, looking after my baby nephew while his mom helps my mom with the laundry. The laundrygirl took the day off ‘cause she had allergies or something.

Soon after we had brunch at 11am. Then I got dressed and went to our fastfood by 12pm. I was dressed in jeans, hiking boots, and a camouflage t-shirt. They complained about it and suggested I change. I thought the outfit fits my moods at the moment so I stuck with the ol’ boyish look. I mean, there just isn’t enough cute guys to give me reason to bother prettying up :6

And whaddaya know, on the very day that I looked like a troglodyte this elementary crush appears, his hand clasped to another hand belonging to some ponytailed girl in a spaghetti strap top! Lemme guess, his gf? Bingbingbingbingbing!!!! Wonderful timing, huh?

Surprisingly, I found myself less annoyed than amused. I can’t help laughing that he was hesitant to introduce the girl to me. What, he was scared I’d snatch his girl away from him? Heheh, I know I was giving off boyish vibes but I’m never lesbian, as much as the idea intrigues me.

We talked about his exams, and my ailing pc. We gave each other updates on both subjects. Needless to say my moods didn’t improve one bit. Then the lunch hour mania starts, and I get swept up in my job, THEN my moods started lifting. Ah, productivity!

In an hour I counted the sales. At first I thought it’s gonna be a bad day, but it turned to be pretty good after all. I hope things get better. Since it’s still a hot day I decided to buy some ice cream on the way home: ube for mamy and lola, melon for big sis, choco for me!

I got home and distributed the ice cream. I found mom hanging the laundry to dry, so I helped her some. Much as I complained of the high temperatures, mom was glad of the sun for the laundry. When we’re almost done we ate the ice cream, then I went out to the school across the street to confirm about this rumor I heard about them giving lessons for diesel/automechanics.

At the technical school I just found some guys tinkering with a passenger jeepney who told me to try coming back tomorrow morning to get my questions answerted. All they knew was that the school holds such seminars on Saturdays and Sundays.

Saturday, September 28, 2002

I woke up 6am. I wondered if I would get online, then decided to do it tonight instead. I got up a few hours later and found big sis and mom in the room next to the pc. They said something about the mother hen rising to check the netchick, amusingly defensive about how I keep watch whenever I can on how much of my net card have been used.

I lazed around around watching over the baby and the tv. When it’s finally 8am I got dressed and went out to the technical school again. Again, I found no-one to help me with my inquiries. I opened a door to an ongoing seminar, apologized for my intrusion, and asked where I can find people to answer my questions.

One of the people from the seminar got up and showed me the annex building I was looking for. Along the way he caught some guy to help me, and he went back to his seminar. The new guy WAS pretty helpful, showing me registration forms for courses such as “Diesel/Auto-Mechanic” and “Driving and Troubleshooting”.

Each course had a total fee of almost 3thou. But they said I need to pay only 300 bucks for registration. The classes start Oct 6, every Sunday 8am to 12pm. If I am interested I can come back tomorrow and register with P300 and a white t-shirt for uniform.

I asked if I’m the only girl to ask about these courses. He said I would be the second girl in mechanic, but there are more girls in driving. I still can’t decide. Sure, the mechanic course could teach me enough to make it less likely for grease monkeys to rip me off, but I also want to learn how to drive. Ah well, if only I can find someone to teach me driving…

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