Monday, September 30, 2002


went to abc driving school to compare prices with technical school. not much difference. AND i get one-one training. AND my own training car. i have to present the whole cash up front, though.

oops, my card ran out! just went to church and had pics developed. ran short of cash though so i sent someone to get it for me instead.

i finished reading all the comics i borrowed. bored! draw. two new strips, another new concept i'm trying to yank outta lucien's library.

Lucien is a character in neil gaiman's 'sandman'. he is the librarian of a VAST collection of books that are never written, only thought about or dreamt about. y'know, those stories you have in your head all these years, but never got around to write? I'm sure Lucien's holding a lot of my comicbooks in there by now. been writing them since i was in grade school. only in my mind though. sigh.


woke up when i'm told i have a phone call... gonna meet with kuya gerry.

minded the store. kuya gerry came. showed him my latest doodles. he lent me another batch of comicbooks! whee! lent him my drawing journal, and gave him a comicpage. he bought a new netcard for me, and we paid him for him :) so i'm back online!

finished reading frank miller's elektra/daredevil and elektra lives again. I also finished reading promethea by alan moore before i went to sleep. heheh, promethea... doesn't everyone want to be a story? to get away from harsh reality? I'm sure everyone has, at least once in their lives.

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