Wednesday, November 27, 2002

woo-hoo! someone lent us a PS1 and dancepad. I spent most of tuesday night making a fool of myself trying to figure out the friggin' dancepad. The highest i could get is a lousy D (for dumb, i guess) if not E (for effort?). I only got an A when i used the joystick (wahahahahah! daya!) but of course that doesn't count!

I spent the rest of my PS time playing the alisa story of front mission 3. then i tried playing kartia again, but fm3 is faster-paced :)

oh, about geoff's character, i can't post it after all, for copyright reasons. I'll post a pilya pin-up instead :) if there are any punks (or anyone familiar or interested with the punk culture) out there email

as for today, nothing much happened. minded the store as usual, then paid a water bill (where, predictably, i got lost trying to figure out to pay the friggin' thing), and went home home to color the pilya pin-up i was talking about. then i went out again to see mikko get nebulized. the poor kid's developing asthma, i think. hopefully he'll lick it.

there a pretty girl talked to me, saying she recognized me from high school. she turns out to be a girl of my batch. i find it funny how a lot of people still recognize me after all these years, even when i never knew personally (nothin' like bein' distinctively ugly ;9 hehehehe!). in this case it was thje first time i actually seen her, but i've heard of her name before, as being one of the prettiest girls in school. she still is. and she introduced me to her 5-year old kid. she said she stoipped schooling at third year college and now minds the family business, like me. i think she felt kinda shy admitting she married early, but hey, she's pretty, can't blame her, especially the guy ;9

after the nebulizing thing (no, my nephew was not examined by aliens), we went out to buy street foods like siomai, kweklet, and 8-peso barbeques. i was so hungry i ate one on the way home. i was careful not to spill onto the car interiors though, i love my dad. and my neck.

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