Thursday, November 21, 2002

let's see, wednesday i was invited to kuya gerry's place for more of his world famous chili. he sid he ran out of tabasco, but it's really ok... it would be unfair if he cooks his chili only to find he can't handle it himself (yabang ko! charing!!! hahahah!). anyway, the chili kicks ass, whatever he said.

we watched some dvd's, and he scanned my drawing and pics for me. it was 5 strips, 1 sort-of strip, and two pin-ups. oh, and a pic of mikko reaching his toe... as soon as i'm done coloring the drawings i'll upload them, and i'll give the links here, okay? :)

i left his place at about six, it think. i got off the tricycle realizing i'm one peso short of a fare. i decided to walk the rest of the way home, for i never minded the walk anyway. halfway to the railroad tracks i heard my name called. i made sure it was my name, then i turned to see my younger sis and mom in a jeep of one our jeepie(jeep equivalent of cabbie?) friends. they asked me what i was doing walking at night. i told them i'm short.

when we got home they fussed over how i shouldn't have said that i'm short when i had to shout it over the noise of the jeep engine. they said it's embarassing when the others in the jeep hears it. something about people thinking we don't have money and stuff. thay said i ruined their entrance after they got on the jeep with their numerous shopping bags after their shopping trip. i thought it was ridiculous that they're scared the people would think we're penniless just because i said i'm short despite their shopping bags full of new clothes and shoes and stuff.

i got annoyed until they admitted they were just more worried about my walking alone at night, since they know i'd have to cross the rail tracks. we were ok after that.

last night i watched the moon out of my window. i remember last sunday when my lil sis and i went to get papu's siomais after mass. she pointed out to me the moon, saying it was so bright she thought it was one of the street lights at first glance.

the moon's real pretty ok? let's leave it at that ;) i'm not in a poetic mood right now to spout mushy lines about it heheheh!

speaking of lil sis i heard that they were celebrating their second anniversary. before i could send my congratulations though, she told us that she broke up with him. i asked her what he did that she should dump him. she said the cake he bought wasn't big enough or something. go figure.

my poor nephew got sick for the first time. ah, the joys of early life. he's hating every moment of it. especially the medicine. i did a little acupressure, though i was a bit worried i'd hurt him but he sat perfectly still the whole time. i could see how it's giving him a hard time but he still manages to laugh and play with us whenever we get too worried. we appreciate how he handles it pretty well, with minimum fussing. other kids might've bawled their lungs out, but not this guy :)

i also did some acupressure(AP) on lola. since last night when big sis asked for the same AP services i'm being paid for it. someone told me i have to be paid for the AP or else something baaaaad will happen. yeah right. but hey, i get paid so who cares! heheh, kidding. actually i tell them a few cents will do, 'cause it's only for the sake of paying.

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