Sunday, November 24, 2002


my mom and i went to megamall. to pick up a package again. hopefully next month i'll be driving instead of commuting :)

we went around megamall, as usual, where mom bought some baby clothes and stuff, while all i bought are some manjo's and a culture crash nine. i read that they ran out of back-issues, so i plan to sell mine, for a hundred each!!! mwahahahhaah!

yipeeee! comic quest has blade of the immortal, "blood of a thousand"! at last! sayang wala me pera :( aaaargh! oh, well, at least nabasa ko na, i'm happy enough. i just wanted to buy so i can give it to someone this christmas :)


finished drawing one page comic strip for beho's zine. minded the store, bought some corn shakes, scanned and copied minigames off the pc shop. he(the shopboy) let me do the last one for free! wheeee! heheh ;)


rushed to finish rendering the one-page when i got interrupted during my last panel by nonoy who came over today (instead of the usual friday) to teach me driving. i went off and in no time found myself driving up to 40 kph from Tikew to Bayan and back and forth a lotta times from 9 to 11am, all the time with nonoy gripping the car interiors a suspiciously-too-tightly.

i finished the last panel, saved the psd file in a diskette, and hopped into the shower. but i rushed out that i forgot the stupid disk. (d-oh!) we had fun in the komikero meeting though :) the afternoon was perfectly sunny and it was as breezy as i liked. it was the winds i liked best :) from last time we met three new guys, johnny, mico and beho(ok, so i met two people). t

he meeting ended with us walking to rizal avenue along the lighted streets (the rest are dark due to some kind of blackout). we watched some fireworks from the church then kuya gerri and ate ilyn went on ahead while the rest of us went to dunkin. ric mysteriously disappeared, though.

at dunkin geoff treated the rest of us(yay!) and talked some more. mico went ahead earlier 'cause he lives in alabang. at about eight we all left for home. beho went off to his sakayan while geoff saw us off as jon n i got in a wawa jeep. i told them about the shoip i mind on lunchtime so they could contact me in case of comicbook trading and stuff.

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