Thursday, November 14, 2002

ok, ok, komikero thingie is happening on nov 24, 2pm, sampaloc lake park! whoopee! uh-oh, i have to finish the comics that's supposed to appear in beho's zine! aheheheh, but i get distracted by the sherlock holmes book! eep! that's it! i'll borrow only comics from now on! unless it's lord of the rings or harry potter...

arrrgh! christmas is coming! i have to buy everyone gifts! uh-oh! there goes my money.

so what happened so far? nothing much. last sunday i went to church. last monday i minded the store. last tuesday i went to nova with mom for my uncle's birthday. i used the phone to get in contact with my friends in manila. i got to talk with old college classmates like Ching, Deng and Derrick. And Az called me from a payphone. I tried to call up Ariel but he was out.

last wednesday we were supposed to go home early but due to color coding we had to wait 'till after six pm. to pass the time i tried to call up ting to invite her to harry potter 2. absent daw. waaaa! miss ko na siya! passed the day watching tv and chatting with nova fam. watched anime. mom laughed at how two cousin toddlers who were kuliting me one moment suddenly turned into well behaved kids sitting beside me as soon as anime starts. the ride came after dinner. mga nine pm na ata. we went to my other cousins' house and checked out the newly built buildings. i was impressed :) makes me wish i can have a place of my own. soon enough we were on our long way home. i slept most of the time, if i wasn't drinking blue pepsi. it tasted like sprite. na may halong tinta. JOKE LANG! hehehe ;)

when i got home i was told that derrick called at 10:30. i got home 11:30. sayang. i fell onto the bed. the morning after derrick texted. i replied. we wished each other a good day. then i went on with my life again. beya stumbled upon a few sites about dollz. i was interested in making some of my own. we checked it out. i still have to learn how to make a website with movable images though.

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