Wednesday, August 28, 2002

(Squeals and cartwheels and jumps for joy) EEEEEP!!!! They called me! Long distance! overseas! the people from soulcollector called me up!!!

my mom woke me up at eleven monday night. i was still half asleep when i heard the game designer's voice in my ear. bythe time it sank down on me i was so overwhelmed all i could do was giggle like an silly kid, he wondered if i thought i was joking or something. i still couldn't believe it that they really were inviting me to commit to the project... longterm! wow... my first overseas gig and they want it longterm :)))

he asked me what i 'wanted out of it'. i had no idea what he was talking about. experience? acknowledgement? ummm ok... compensation. yeah, that sounds right, i guess. money. and car. and stock options. and a condo. and green card? hahahahaha! of course, i know i'm going overboard! i really have no idea about this. it's the first time i got a job by the net. i'm emailing him now asking all about this. i hope his reply would be helpful and informative :)

and he sounded so nice! he even said he's really serious about lending me his books! you see, we found in our email exchanges that we share a love for reading and good literature.

i'm really glad that he's being patient with my naivete. he's very clear and honest on telling me the situations that we're gonna face once we start working. i can hardly wait! :D

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