Saturday, August 24, 2002

woo-hoo! I'm finally done with the friggin' fence! i have since drafted an 18-meter diameter fountain (AND designed my own, too!) and plans of a two-storey house. he also got me to design a t-shirt for kids when he found out my artist backgroud by reading my resume. i also told my architect boss that kuya gerry is helping me land a gig as an artist thru the internet for the guys who made "soul collections". i like the story. the concept is original and the characters are interesting. i would like to know more about them, findind their backstories a delightful read. right now i'm crossing my fingers that they like my work! :)

anyway, my boss is glad for me too, and wishes me luck. I'm pretty happy that i'm actually working(sort of) without having to live in a boarding house or anything like that. i get to go home to my family EVERYday and i don't have to buy my food all the time. i can cook whenever i want to! and i don't have to scrimp on my paycheck :D

and the office totally rocks! it's airconditioned, and i have my OWN stereo, tv AND fridge! whee!!! i can stock up on all the chocolates and food and juice and... more food!!! :9 i can finally listen to all my cd's and tapes however loud i want, from hip-hop to heavy metal, and i can really draw in peace. it's so enjoyable working alone!

of course, it's also great when sir gary(my boss architect) is around because i can ask him all sorts of questions regarding architecture and drafting. I love learning! and he's very helpful, though he sometimes laughs at my antics. he said he finds it amusing.

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