Friday, August 30, 2002

sigh. still no reply from the game designer. i hope i didn't scare him away...?

started redrawing an entire 20"x30" ink sheet. sir garry taught me to draft properly. as well as shortcuts for newbies. hope it works :)

oh, i see my post yesterday wasn't published. y'see, the pcshop experienced connection problems. i checked for the gamer's email yesterday, too.

the only reason i made myself check my email everyday is that i was hoping his reply would come. i guess he could call me, but the reply i was asking for is something i'd like to read and think over. hopefully he'd call when he replies, so i can check it then. i don't think i can afford to get online everyday any longer.

maybe i shouldn't worry :) maybe they're just taking the time to think it over themselves. i really hope this pushes through. i look forward to working on it.

i'm happy 'cause my friend's coming from manila(3hrs away) to visit my nephew. he was chosen godfather by my sister 'cause they got to be friends, too, i guess. i'm happy. it's been awhile since i last saw him.

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