Wednesday, October 02, 2002


finished reading all other comics i lent. that would be bone, death, saint of killers, black orchid, winter's end 2, and neil gaiman's midnight theatre. Aaaaaah :)

tried to do first few pages of a comics i thought up, then trashed it. i think that's how lucien gets to keep them, when we get unsuccessful at retrieving them.


tried to just write a darn script, instead of the whole comics itself. trashed it too. i told my younger sis about it. she asked why tell the same story we've been taught since grade school? everybody knows that! I began to feel doubts deep inside...

then fought it. I said I'd like to try and tell it in a different way. to let everybody realize that it's actually important to know. I wrote again, this time like my private journal, sorta like a poem... I finished it.

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