Tuesday, December 17, 2002

during that phone chat(where he was singing "super-cali-fragilistic-expia-lidocious!" over the phone) i received a call waiting and ended the call. it turned out to be kuya gerry. been awhile since i last talked with him. understandable because he's very busy. he's getting jitters :) but i'm sure he's more excited.

since i've finished the Sherlock Holmes Volume One i dared myself to break a code one my employees use. before i never even thought of attempting it. but my employee(gabby) left me quite a long note in a code he devised himself and he was confident i'll never be able to read it, or even try to.

remembering the methods mr holmes used, i managed to start slow. but as i read the rest of the note some of the letters look similar to conventional letters and i made guesses. most of them correct. soon enough i was deciphering the whole thing. i only gave up when i couldn't translate the tagalog parts (because of its heavy bicolano accent.) when i told him what i could read of it in front of his girlfriend, she got annoyed because some of it was unknown even to her. he had to fess up in no time. i guess he learned his lesson.

i finished all twisted books (thanks johnny!). if i ever get to face her, i expect i won't be fazed. if she's nice, then good. if not, then great, she's being her column character again. personally, being a publicly-professed bitch still doesn't give anyone an excuse to be a bitch(at least to undeserving people). the restraint she so often admires in directors, actors, artists and the like should be displayed by herself as well. sure, you wrote about how bitchy you are. it's more interesting and fun to read about it that way. but you don't have to be a bitch in real life. yes, you have the license. but at the same time, do you have the restraint? it's not about being afraid to be different or deliberately offensive. it's about being right.

there is no excuse to being an offensive bitch. we don't give a bleep how such a sob story your past is. everyone goes through tough times. everyone has their own (excuse me) shit. don't ever think you have it worse than everybody. that's vain. and whiny. snap the heck out of it and get a life and treat people right. there is no excuse for maltreating or abusing or hurting people. there are much better things to do with your time. i catch you giving anyone of my friends hell (or even me, but my enemies have since learned to scamper out of the way when they see me). don't be stupid. run. if you can't, apologize. if you can't or worse, refuse to, i'll throttle you.

no wait, i won't throttle you.

i'll beat the crap out of you.

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