Thursday, December 12, 2002

whoever the "genius" who thought up of rerouting and detouring my poor Wawa jeeps (poor, na Wawa pa! kawawa talaga!) should be dragged to the streets and shot.

i had such a hard time finding a friggin' Wawa jeep i ended up having to walk all the way from the tindahan to my house. bad trip pare! kainis! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

plan to make a batch 72 fan art. una nahirapan me kasi andami characters. Then i went on to tindahan to make bantay. while doodling i accidentally realized that i could draw the band in my chibi style! whee! i'll show you guys here when i'm done. hopefully may scanner na me. i plan to buy a scanner 21 or 22. and see C3CON! az said i should see it on sat, bacause that's when PMJR and the others are there. naku, e wala naman time si derrick samahan me kasi may pasok sa sat! hmmm...?

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