Monday, December 16, 2002

whee! me so excited! me going to c3con!

derrick called last night(yes, long distance). we talked about where we could meet since we're going to ching's annual class reunion which we simply call xmas party :) i told him that azrael suggested that i go there 10am saturday so i could be sure i'm early... and hopefully be able to get one of those cute Tammy Tamaraw stuffed toys!

Dady Az! ipagkuha mo naman ako 'pag mas maaga ka o! :) i'll buy you a drink if you do!

then geoff invited me to go with him. if it's ok for him that we be there by 10am then great! i won't commute the three-hour bus ride alone. too bad i couldn't go back to laguna with him though, the christmas party goes 'til late night so i'm spending the night in manila.

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