Sunday, December 22, 2002

friday, december 20

i practiced driving again (nonoy, what a brave guy, heheheheh!). i even drove my bro to school where he's a T.A. Then i drove on to the tindahan to deliver the kalderos of food for selling.

i was soooo nervous the whole time! i was also running out of gas! when it's time for me to mind the store i sent them to refill the car. then it's usual business. man the cash drawer, help the employees serve the food and clean up tables if need be. strangely though, my employees look at me more as a bouncer.

we get the usual share of beggars and the like crashing into the fastfood place to pester the patrons into giving them food, alms or just plain money. when i say "pester" i MEAN "pester"! most of them are even deliberately offensive. sheesh, we're supposed to feel charitable to people who get other people's hard-earned money by sympathy??? anyway, my employees are usually too scared or simply not forceful enough to get them to clear the place. so i used to use my "theatre-voice"(yeah, the kind that's supposed to carry out to the end of the friggin' auditorium) to tell them NICELY to get the heck out. getting their attention, they get the "dargon-glare", which usually sends them scampering. effective, yes. but it scares the heck out of the poor customers, too.

why not just give em what they want, you ask? look, i can be as charitable as the late mother teresa herself if i want to, but we already know the facts of life here. you give one pulubi something, that pulubi will spread the word, and soon, we'll be running free soup kitchen before we know it, everyday. you let em hound ya today, they'll hound ya forever. besides, i'm one of those people who'd rather teach a man to fish than give them one.

the main point here is that we work. they don't. which is why i'm less... scary to street vendors. i let them in the tindahan so they could sell, drink, and even eat. i secretly watch their stuff as well as the customers' belongings, since i heard that thieves may lurk inside. anyway, the vendors do honest work, just like the rest of us, unlike the beggars.

and lately i don't raise my voice anymore. i just tell them NICELY(in caps, due to effort at self-restraint) to leave my customers alone, at least until they've finished and left the establishment. if it gets any worse i personally escort them out. i eventually had to learn to hold one arm and shoulder to be sure they walk with me. gently, though, or it would be really rude. most of the time though i don't have to go through all that. the 'glare' alone works magnificently. 'glare', hmm, that could be a superhero name, heheheheh! jk ;D

going back to the rest of the day, i hurried home at 1pm, having to help with a catering job in an alcatel office party. in my rush i forgot i haven't eaten anything all day. i made a makeshift brunch while fighting the urge to pass out. i'm cursed with a tiny stomach that gets full too quickly and gets hungry constantly.

we eventually found miramonte where the alcatel guys are holding their christmas swimming party. i hauled the trays, kalderos and stuff up to the second floor, helping the others (yup, in my semi-formal catering whites. i guess i'm weird that way.) we helped serve too, while they try and hit on my younger sister. can't blame them though. i also tried counting how many actually came. because half of them came in late. i got so exhausted i took my turn to sleep at 10pm in the girls' cottage. i woke up at 11 to pack up and go home.

saturday, december 21

we arrived the gates of our home by 12:30, then managed to wake up someone to open the darn gate at 1am. we unloaded our stuff and got ready to bed. i slept at 2am.

i woke up 6am, proving my theory that i pass out in no less than four hours. i hurried to get dressed because i know my friend geoff is waiting at the station. since 530, in fact! and i got there at seven!

we reached megamall by nine am, going the alabang route. we bought the tickets at comic quest because we read that's where we can get it. i was surprised when i found that they also sell tickets at the place itself because no one told me so. i was more surprised when i found that only people who bought tickets at the place itself can get free tammy tamaraws! I mean, c'mon! the deal said we get 'em if we're the first 100 to get there! what did i wake up at six for?!!? cathy(girl i befriended back in the theatre days) was ranting right along with me. derrick and geoff saw two ballistic babes that day!

derrick was excited to see one of his entries make it into the exhibit, the one i named "Saka" for the mecha that wears a salakot. we were also surprised when randell texted us saying he was there too! i met a lot of people there.

ryan spotted me from their booth as we passed by exploring. he was giving out ashcans of "Stricken"(check out his art!) and "Class"(ariel's strip!) lyndon was busy signing books as i also met ariel and later on azrael, with a videocam.

a guy suddenly called my name approached me, introducing himself as roy afable. i asked him how he knew me since i only knew him by email. he said he saw my pic in one of the komikero sites. he's with blitzwork.

i was glad to finally see tintin again. we agreed to all go to lunch together(me, derrick, geoff, azrael and her) and went out to jollibee where we found some miakas and sakuras eating there. i was looking for keroberos, but no, i guess he didn't make it. tintin told me bout a cosplayer who dressed up as one of the villains in hunterXhunter, the woman in the suit whose blazer and open shirt has a neckline baring down to practically her navel. "who would have the guts to do that???"

back at the con, i saw cathy in... the exact costume we just talked about at jollibee!
Me: "I should've known!"
Cathy: "hey, we're actresses! of course we got the guts!"

we watched the cosplayers on the ramp. some of them are pretty good. the guys predictably cheered at the hot babes in hotter costumes. i also saw two mina's (from pasig, culture crash), one girl and one guy! and there are LOTS of slamdunk cosplayers!!! the best came from blitzwork! i saw two kyo kusanagi's, but the first one got to burst fire from his hand, which everyone thought was cool :)

we were all looking forward to the choreographed fight scenes. the first one really took us by surprise when he decided to stage a wrestling match with himself! man, he looked so weird it's funny! and we loved the original concept, which raised our expectations for the next contestants. another memorable scene is "Crouching Wolf, Hidden Rooster" it was great because it featured JM Chua, who totally in character, and the soundtrack was really from Rurouni Kenshin.

there's another group called the Yaoi boys or something, and the rest was just a bunch of boys trying to look like they're kicking ass without hurting anyone with the mostly the same jpop song playing in the background. geoff, a martial artist, was in utter agony as he watched them. he looked like he was trying to stop himself from storming up the stage screaming "that's not how you do a friggin' chinese get-up, you bleep bleep bleep!!! And you call that a kick???" yes, we all had fun :)

we left the con at about 3pm, where geoff said his good bye and went back home to san pablo. i was supposed to go to the class christmas party with randell and derrick when derrick went back in. we waited until he was back with a tammy tamaraw.

"how did you get that?"
"i bought it."
"that's three hundred friggin' bucks!"
"i know, but it's so cute and adorable!" ^_^

his exact words, ladies and gentlemen. i was surprised when he later on gave it to me as a christmas gift. i was so happy i was willing to make him all the friggin' nata de coco he wants.

Hello to all my friends who attended c3con!!! hi geoff! hi derrick(thanks for breakfast ;)! hi randell! hi cathy(been awhile, girl!)! hi ryan(galeng ng drawing mo!)! hi azrael(pinag-aagawan ka na naman ng mga girls mo a!)! hi tintin(missed you, girl!)! hi roy(i loved the slamdunk cosplayers! galeng!)! hi ariel(CLASSIFY! whee!) ! hello to carlo vergara, arnold arre, lyndon grogorio and budgette tan! whee!

and hello to the lifesize tammy tamaraw that we loved to poke and play with, however much the big blokes in black begged us to keep our hands off!

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