Monday, December 09, 2002

whew! ting visited last sunday! we had so much fun! we did ddr, played tekken and stuffed our faces(whee!). she agreed to leave her dancepad here we can make fools ourselves two at a time (hahahah!) then they left for home at 4pm, one to meycauayan and the other (vincent bea) to subic. yeesh, ain't it sweet how friends from the north end of luzon go to laguna for a visit? :)

i picked them up myself by driving there, because they came right after my driving practice. they witnessed my obvious display of progress when i ground the gravel as i pushed the brake a wee bit too hard, making the gravel scream(oops). they were laughing their heads off, and we switched drivers.

i'm still not sure if i can get online as often as i want. i'm still torn between using my cash to buy gifts or to buy a net card, i got my wedding invitation from kuya gerry na! whee! i'm still deciding whether to wear the blousedress i bought last saturday or the black chinese outfit dad took home from hongkong. the invitation is entirely handmade! we were all blown away at the craftmanship of it. it's so pretty! ate ilyn(the bride) made it herself, i heard.

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