Thursday, October 31, 2002

check this site out, i uploaded my works here.

great... i still don't get how to post pics up here... grrrrr.

last friday i met up with elem friend. And kuya announced last thursday that the next komikero meeting is on novenber 24. i forgot what time and place though (d-oh!).

and practiced driving as again. i was made to drive from the conducto bowling place to concepcion. our driver flashed the hazard signal to let 'em know it's my first time out on the street. and they showed their sympathy by overtaking three at a time while blowing their horns. i was going so slow i could hear a tambay in a gas station laugh his head off. the engine died when i tried to go forward again after being stalled by an unloading jeep. grrrrrr. that's when the driver and i switched back because the practice place can only be reached by crossing a highway. he thinks they're too fast for me yet.

after literally driving around in circles i let mom give it a try. sher came along so we could show her the place. it's very pretty. lotsa trees and shade. so i got burned less :) mom, by the way, turned left too slow on a T on the road where if she failed to turn we'd drive ourselves off a ravine. i suddenly knew how the driver felt when i did the same thing and he pleaded with me to let him jumpo outta the car first. I wanted to jump outta the car myself when mom took the wheel! hehehehe!

but all in all we had fun. and the driver said mom drives slower, which i should. he enjoys it when i drive fast, 'cause it makes breezes in that hot day when our aircon's busted. his complaint is that i don't slow down when i make a turn. so i should practice more on starting again from a full stop without killing the engine. mom got that part, but she insists on driving slow. he's not worried about it. he knows we'll pick up speed when we get more used to it.

uh... kuya, please help me fix the image? i kinda ruined it (blush)

oh, and i uploaded a new site. DRIFTER is a little sequential i made back in college. check it out:

if i still don't get that asian girl script i'll post my stupid poems instead wahahahahah! ;D

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