Sunday, October 20, 2002

sigh... it's still too bright. i'll see if i can reset the settings or something without losing any files. anyway, i'm getting addicted to battle realms! i've reached that level where i have to defeat the lotus clan with the help of the monks. i played until 2am. then when i tried shutting down it was taking so long i pressed the reset button. the reset button didn't pop back up.

i mean where there was a reset button, there was now only a hole! good thing the reset worked and i successfully shut the pc down. after that i pulled the plug off power supply, disconnected all the cables to my cpu, and checked out its back how the casing is attached. i found 'positive' screws, so i tried sneaking downstairs to get my self a philipps screwdriver from dad's toolbox. of course, my mom and sis noticed me sneaking around so they knew i'm in trouble somehow ahehehehhe!

"hey, you've been playing there for hours! you didn't damage the pc did you?" EEP!

i found the tool and went back up to take off the casing. i peeked in and found to my dismay that there was a secondary casing for the front of the cpu! might as well, good thing it can be taken off by the same tool. after releasing the screws i carefully lifted the front casing to see it connected to the insides by a buch of umbilical-like wires, well duh! it WAS the power switch!

so anyway i can't place the casing far enough for easy access in fear of tugging the wires too much, but i saw the problem, and i figured it out. the button fell off the switch, and the switch fell off it's notch that keeps it in place. by then my sis found came in and saw that something WAS wrong, because her pc newbie younger sister who wouldn't dare to change window settings was found dismantling the cpu to its bare wirings and boards. i told her what i found so far. she just wanted to be assured that i know what i was doing. "So far," i just replied.

she got me some super glue from the ref (mighty bond and stuff lasts when put in the fridge. it just does. do it) which i used to glue the button to its switch. then i put the switch back to the notch in the hole. it was snapping on its one side, but not the other. it was why the button fell off in the first place. i tried to have it snap onto the other side but all i got is hurt fingers. so i just put the casing back on ang tried the button. it was working fine. but i'm still careful when i press it. i slept at 4am.

which is why i woke up at noon, and kuya called. i'm happy he's home safe, and he said i could scan at his place. whee! all day sunday it was basically play battle realms, watch the kid play half-life, eat, go to church, play more battle realms, help with the dry laundry, play with the baby nephew, and sleep. in random and repeating order.

i plan to limit my battle realms on weekends, so i can do photoshop during the week. the stupid monitor is still too bright though.

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