Thursday, October 31, 2002

my fam laughed their heads off when they saw the attachments i downloaded of "BIG reasons why beer na beer is better than smb". then i worked on the halloween cards so i can send them tonight :) hopefully you'll see them. please don't criticise too harshly! i only had a day to do them!

then i went to mind the store after a hurried brunch of hotdog and rice (i'm NOT COMPLAINING :9) things went smoothly, if uneventful. being a holiday and all. Happy halloween by the way!!!

geoff came by to lend me some pc game cd's. he caught me drawing a halloween caricature i'm supposed to give to my friend when we meet. And i didn't recognise him until after he paid for his meal! ack!!! if i knew he wouldn't have had to pay!

anyway, he lent me Sims (we've been playing it and us three sisters had been having such a laugh i forgot getting online to chat with derrick. he had to text me to remind me!), fallout2, dogz, Master of orion II, and a book about tai-chi. just in time. i'm done reading kuya gerry's books (with the exception of sherlock holmes). i'll enjoy reading this as well. hopefully i'll learn plenty.

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