Wednesday, October 16, 2002

I'm listening to the demo cd right now, the one az gave me :) he put in the songs he and his friends wrote and performed. and he printed my fan art along with the rest in the cd cover! whee!

you see, my mom and i went to manila to pick up something dad sent from china. we had to pick it up in mandaluyong because his boss comes to the Philippines often, and figured it's cheaper to bring it along instead of sending it by post or something.

after that we went to megamall. we bought 3 retro tops, those things that are light and have these flared sleeves, for me, mom and sis. we also bought a pillow for mikko. and two wall clocks. one's green(my favorite color) to match the sofas(my choice) and a funky bright candy yellow(think iMac) to put near the pc. a-heh, mostly so we could time how long we've been online. especially me! I'm getting to be a net addict! uh-oh!

it's when we were choosing the clocks that az caught up with me. we're glad to see each other again and i had it cleared up that the movie they made was a sort of pet project so they thought it wasn't such a big deal that they have to ask permission or anything. I dunno. i suggested they mail him a letter apologising for having to make the movie with or without his permission because they were pressed for time. and at the same time formally asking permission in the probability that the short half-hour film would be shown. az was also kind enough to accompany us to the bus stop and stayed until we got on a bus.

hmmm, hope i remember to get a student driver's license tomorrow. have to study driving this friday. oh, and friday is also lola's bday. mom wants to go to novaliches for the bash. we all would like to go but the car is not exactly in perfect shape so we don't trust it enough to transport the baby with it. >sigh< soon, i hope i can be skillful enough to drive them to nova myself. to anywhere, for that matter :)

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