Wednesday, October 30, 2002

when i have the time i'll downlod mp3's like "Colorblind" and "When Doves Cry" by the kids' choir in romeo+juliet. and maybe that song by ashanti, "Happy" or something.

my boring life so far:

i measured the floor area of our diner so we could figure out how much linoleum we should get. we should've gotten 8m for the looks of things, but the 7.5 worked out. Me, my mom, and our two employees went down and got dirty as we went through 4 bottles of rugby gluing the darn thing onto the floor. (Aaaaaack! the fumes! the stink! the... whoooooaaaa.... heavvyyyy man! wrehehehehhe)

we checked accounts and found some cash unaccounted for, after a wild goose chase of asking everybody we found it. i got my suweldo for the week (ha-ha) enough to buy me netcard. And shampoo. and conditioner. And lightbulb for mom's table lamp. and extension for that, too.

wanwan minded the store with me. and drove all the guys and boykids crazy when they found out how gorgeous the diner's namesake is. sometimes she enjoys it (when cute guys adore) sometimes she doesn't (when un-cute guys do) and scampers at the back of the store.

i still drive at fridays, and it was so hot outside with me wearing long-sleeves(remember the sunburn last time?) that i practically jumpoed out of my sweaty clothes as soon as i got home. as for driving progress, i can go to segunda(second gear) now, and mydriver still complains(between screams of "STEP ON THE BRAKE! STEP ON THE BRAKE! YAAAAH!!!") that i drive too fast for a beginner.

i've read all of kuya gerry's comics again, including this new batch. i've enjoyed them all immensely :) if not for these i'd be bored out of my mind!!!

i finished both stories of battle realms. i'm seeing to installing new games, but i can also use my pc-time reading "arabian nights" and "grimms' fairy tales" in their undiluted forms. and aesop's fables, too :)

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