Thursday, October 17, 2002

i woke up, did yoga, took a morning shower, ate breakfast, watched tv, and got dressed to mind the store.

at least, that's the order i wanted it to be ;)

at the store i had lunch and did my job. had some bills paid, errands run, and items bought. oh, and took some lunch food home for the fam waiting at home.

whick leads me on a merry trail from the store, to the photo center, to the supermarket, to the cable company, to the net office, and finally home, with me tired and broke after paying bills and buying stuff. at least it ain't my money. yet.

i got home, colored another strip, and watched anime. yep, all those tagalog dubbed things! from detective conan to hunter x hunter to inu-yasha. as much as their voice acting annoys me. why? because the cable company (yes, the one i paid earlier) shows axn anime in japanese(good) but without subtitles(bad!). for a while i tried watching it and guessed what the story is about by context clues...

"dame! dame! dame yo!!! yamete kudasai! seresturonu! omae o korosu!!!"

yep, back to the darn tagalog dubbed anime.

watched younger sis' bf play our half-life. geez, it looks a lot harder than i thought! do i have patience for this? i know i can be stubborn, but is this worth it? sheesh. it looks good though. maybe when i'm done with my personal projects. i'm enjoying the game enough for now just cheering the poor guy while my sis becomes an award-winning back seat gamer. she kept shoving and slapping his shoulder and scolding whenever he dies in the game. "better not die again, she's kill you." heheheh!

had dinner. corned beef just the way i liked it. ginisa. with sabaw. with lotsa onions. good thing i brush my teeth.

then more half-life. then sleep. then my older sis woke me up 'cause she was downloading something and she wants me to surf while she go do something else so her card won't be such a waste.

and here i am. bye-bye! ja!

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